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The week in trashbaggery - volume 150

07 SEP 2012 | Posted By: Katie

The week in trashbaggery - volume 150

Beyonce and Jay-z
Beyonce, Jay-Z, Blue Ivy
Janice Dickinson and James Deen
Jay-Z and Kanye and Beyonce
Kanye and Kim
Katy Perry and John Mayer
Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj
Rest in peace, Michael Clarke Duncan. The actor died after suffering a heart attack this week and leaves behind his fiance.

In happier news, it was Beyonce's birthday this week! HAPPY B'DAY EVERYBODY. Beyonce and husband Jay-Z (and Blue Ivy) went to the South of France and hung out on a boat for the celebration. Mazel tov, Beyonce!

Before flying to France, Bey and Jay spent the weekend in Philly for his Made in America festival where Jay's BFF Kanye West also performed. Apparently Kim Kardashian was there too but Beyonce and she didn't spend any time together and watched their men perform from opposite sides of the stage. Poor Kim. 

Kanye West just released a song called 'Clique' in which he boasts about his GF Kim Kardashian's sex tape. We're guessing he hasn't seen it because it's nothing to write home about. 

Also in Yeezy-related news: his ex-GF Amber Rose is having her fiance Wiz Khalifa's baby! Mazel tov, you guys!

Remember how last week we said Courtney Stodden had been offered a bunch of porn deals when she turned 18? She Tweeted that she won't do porn, but will do Playboy. Playboy has said "thanks but not thanks, BB!" Stodden is apparently too 'enhanced' to be in Playboy. Ummmm WHUT.

Seal is accusing ex-wife Heidi Klum of banging "the help" because she is maybe dating her bodyguard. Who knew he was such a bitch? REWD.
Kristen Stewart keeps going out in tee-shirts that Robert Pattinson has been photographed wearing before they broke up. :(

Everybody is freaking out because Nicki Minaj rhymed these lyrics: "I'm a Republican voting for Mitt Romney / You lazy bitches is fucking up the economy." But let's not forget that in the past she's been vocal about her support of Obama and everything she raps about isn't always true. Those songs would be fucking boring.

Speaking of which, we all saw the Invisible Obama speech, right? Poor Clint didn't do a lot for the Republicans, did he? (I vote we get Nudge from Hey Dad! to make a speech like this for the Australian election.)

LOLS WITH PRINCE HARRY #632516253: after his n00dz in Las Vegas leaked last week, one of the classy broads he was partying with has come forward to tell a Cool Story. This girl was born in Britain, so told the Prince. His response? "Oh my Gosh, that’s amazing! I can’t believe you’re here in Vegas, we could be related." Then they made out. Is that like incest?

Good news guys! John Mayer is still off the street and keeping the spread of sexually transmitted douche to a minimum: he and Katy Perry are totally still dating. (Photos in the gallery.)

How about that story about Tom Cruise and El Presidente David Miscavige casting girlfriends/wives for Tom?

Rihanna got drunk at a club in London, goofed around on a stranger's parked moped, got photographed having fun, clearly needs rehab. Don't listen to the haterz, RiRi! We support you and we love you and we want you to be happy and stay away from Chris Brown

Taylor Swift's new song 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' is about her ex-boyf Jake Gyllenhaal. I just put myself to sleep with that sentence.

Zoe Saldana and Bradley Cooper broke up. But maybe didn't. But maybe Bradley's gay?

Geri Halliwell
and Russell Brand broke up. But maybe didn't. But maybe Russell is bi?

Jennie Garth and Luke Perry broke up. We wish. :(

Amy Poehler and Will Arnett are separating after nine years together. They have two kids together and are awesome AND I DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT ANYMORE YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT IT'S LIKE YOU'LL NEVER UNDERSTAND I'M GOING TO MY ROOM.

You guys need to see the photos of Janice Dickinson making out with pornstar James Deen. They are magnificent and we want you to feel turned off about any kind of human contact ever again. Because if we suffer, you suffer too. (Here's Janice being awesome when she thought she was taking a "vitamin" but took a "sleeping pill" and mixed it with "a fucking buttload of wine". BY MISTAKE.)

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There are "2" comment(s) on "The week in trashbaggery - volume 150"

Senior Member SineadStubbins
Trash community! Can we talk about this? http://www.tmz.com/2012/09/07/rihanna-drake-mtv-vmas-lil-wayne-chris-brown/
SineadStubbins  -  2 years ago
Reply  |  Report
Respect fujiko-san
I dont know. It doesnt look like she says it to me.
fujiko-san  -  2 years ago

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