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Sydney Underground Film Festival review

09 SEP 2010 | Posted By: Em-T

Sydney Underground Film Festival review

American: The Bill Hicks Story
Chavez in South of the Border
El Monstro Del Mar
El Monstro Del Mar
Enter The Void
Life and Death of a Porno Gang
Red white and Blue
South of the Border
The Taint
The Sydney Underground Film Festival claims to cover “the political, the perverse and the simply bizarre”. From what we’ve seen of their program line-up, it looks like this year’s program is no different – there’s definitely something for the whole (Addams) family.

The 2010 program which begins screening tonight has ten feature films and seventy-two shorts on its bill from ten countries (including your truly). Whether you’re a conspiracy theorist, an anti-war activist, an S&M convert, or just plain fucked in the head; have a little peek at some of the best below before heading along this weekend.


Oliver Stone’s critically acclaimed documentary will show audiences why there’s so much more to South America than cheap cocaine and Miss Universe winners (you knew it was too good to be true). The film challenges The United States’ foreign policy and media portrayal of this region’s “dictators”, and has in-depth interviews with revolutionary people you should know more about, but until now simply didn’t. Stone’s a surprisingly un-eccentric and calm figure throughout the film as he uncovers in straight-shooting documentary style the “revolution of people against imperialism”.
GOOD: If you’re the sort of person who always knew there were no weapons of mass destruction.
BAD: If you couldn’t even understand The Motorcycle Diaries

This Melbourne-born rockabilly horror flick takes influence from Faster Pussycat Kill Kill, Moby Dick, Jaws and even Hemingway’s The Old Man and The Sea. Basically, a bunch of psychopathic chicks face their comeuppance via a sea-monster that wants to rip them to shreds. The acting’s is a bit lame in places and the special effects are obviously low-budget. Despite this, director Stuart Simpson has an amazingly beautiful framing technique and a way with a soundtrack. We hope to see more from him in Australian cinema.
GOOD: If you like chicks with tattoos who do cocaine and bash up men (doesn’t everybody?)
BAD: If you can’t confuse sea-monsters with sock puppets.

Pure madness. How else do you describe a lycra-clad, bike-jumping, racoon-enticing, chainsaw-wielding, self-proclaimed motivational speaker? This largely hand-held documentary into the life of Biker Fox is one you will love or hate, but either way will definitely be perplexed by. I spent the large part of the film with my mouth gaping slightly, whereas my male companion now has a new personal hero he hopes to grow old into. We both now want Biker Fox tee-shirts. Check out the interview with the man himself to know why.
GOOD: If you are truly fascinated by the bizarre.
BAD: If you thought Edward Scissorhands was a sociopath (how could you??)


TRASH HUMPERS From the same brain that gave you Kids and Gummo. Looks like a bunch of burn victims freaking shit up, hardcore.

ENTER THE VOID A French mind seduction from the same director as Irreversible (hopefully with fewer anal rape scenes, thank you). You'll need tissues for all the wrong reasons.

AMERICAN: THE BILL HICKS STORY  "By the way, if anybody here is in advertising or marketing... Kill yourself". We love Bill Hicks.

You need no more reason than the title itself.

Proof America's youth are still depraved.

THE TAINT Apparently comes with ejaculating zombies. Mmm! Surprisingly good for a film made for US$5k.

For all ticket bookings and session times go to suff.com.au.
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Respect Katie
Want to see a bunch of these. Nice one, Em!
Katie  -  4 years ago
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