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Top ten Super Bowl commercials

02 FEB 2013 | Posted By: NickJ

Top ten Super Bowl commercials

Betty White
Diet Pepsi
Old Spice
Being Australian, we're not gonna pretend like we know everything about NFL and its nation stopping pinnacle, the Super Bowl. However, we do know a few things; like Madden '97 was one of the greatest Playstation games ever created and consumed many a child's youth, the players drink a lot of Gatorade and most importantly, it's has been the catalyst for some of the most innovative, hilarious and expensive television commercials ever made. As the Super Bowl is such a big ticket event for whichever network owns the rights, the premium charged to advertisers is stratospheric. The record for the highest spot was sold last year during Super Bowl XLVI for $5.4 million dollars, with the entire 58 spot sold generating a total of $75 million for the network. That's a lot of nacho hats. 

Anyway, we're glad though that somebody's got enough crunchy granola to fund these ads, 'coz they're awesome, especially the ones from the '70s, '80s and '90s. And as it's only a couple of days away from Super Bowl XLVII, we thought we'd join the bandwagon and give you our favorite game day ads.  

10. Budweiser (2006) - This ad (one of a gazillion) for Budweiser is our pick of their crop. Granted the catch phrase became enough to warrant punching your grandma to make it stop, when it first hit the screens it was good stuff.

9. Doritos (2011) - A pug running through a window. A pug. That's all we needed. 

 8. Budweiser (1995) - Another goodie from Budweiser. But kinda makes you wonder if millions of dollars was needed to come up with frogs saying Budweiser.

 7. Diet Pepsi (1986) - Michael J Fox in his prime and macking a chick. That is all. 

 6. EDS (2000) - Who cares that we've never heard of EDS or that they're no longer operating, the concept of cat herding cowboys is amazing and they deserve a high five. 

 5. Coke (1979) - You don't need to have been born in the '70s or even know who Mean Joe Greene is to appreciate this one. The '70s were cool and so is this ad. Also, try chugging a bottle of Coke and see how far you get. 

 4. Old Spice (2010) - A definite contender for top three, this recent entry from Old Spice broke the internet with 44 million hits and the love of people all over the world. Gold.

 3. Snickers (2010) - Seriously, Betty White making a comeback through pop culture? THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 2. Reebok (2003) - This actually made us lol. For real. It's funny. If you don't find it funny you belong on a faraway island with other people like you. 

 1. Apple (1984) - Why wouldn't you hire Ridley Scott to direct your ad? This ad changed the face of Super Bowl advertising and arguably advertising in as a whole. Instead of a gimmicky, one layered gag endorsed by a celebrity, Apple went about turning the advertising paradigm on its head. A TVC that is like a movie???? Blew the minds of '80s Americans. Genius. 
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