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Top ten self destructive characters on teen TV

05 AUG 2012 | Posted By: SineadStubbins

Top ten self destructive characters on teen TV

Dawson's Creek
Freaks and Geeks
My So Called Life
Saved by the Bell
The O.C
The O.C
Teen TV is a great resource for young people. For one, it teaches you how to do your hair and for another, it gives you a whole bunch of ideas about sexy, druggy adventures that had never even occurred to you!

The thing is, television designed for a teen audience rarely contains positive role models for teens– because that would be mind fuckingly boring. We've compiled a list of the best teen burnouts, alcoholics, addicts and volatile underachievers that have made TV viewing that little bit better.

Here are the top ten self destructive characters in teen TV:

Marissa from The O.C

She was everyone's favourite train wreck, all doe eyes and sea salty hair. She would scream things like "YOU THOUGHT I WAS HAPPY?" and smash bottles, usually on Thanksgiving/Christmas/ somebody's birthday. But she had the nicest hair, so duh everyone still wanted to be her.

Kelly from 90210
Kelly had a coke addiction and liked to sleep with other people's boyfirends. She also had one of the most horrific character arcs ever: drug addict mum, dad in prison, was nearly burned alive at a rave, was nearly killed by her roommate, was shot and suffered amnesia, had a miscarriage and was raped twice. ON A TEEN TELEVISION SHOW.

Jessie from Saved By The Bell
Saved By The Bell fucking loved 'issues' episodes. the first issue was Jessie's addiction... to caffeine pills.

Rayanne on My So Called Life
How was Angela Chase surprised she was a bad girl? Look at her multicoloured hair! And the bottle of scotch she constantly swigs from! And overdosing at her birthday party! And kissing Jordan Catalano!

Spike from Degrassi Junior High
Use protection kids! Otherwise you'll get pregnant and your offspring will star in a spinoff of your show 10 years later! Drake will be there!

Nick from Freaks and Geeks

Nick is lovely and kind, you almost forget he was kicked off the basketball team because of drug possession. Awww, wasted potential!

Abby Morgan from Dawson's Creek

Abby Morgan was pretty mean to everyone, tried to break up relationships and was a binge drinker. Then she fell of a pier and died, at which point Jen decided to tell all her friends and family (and us) how "toxic" Abby was. GOD THIS SHOW WAS GOOD!

Cassie from Skins
Cassie deals with her family problems through her eating disorder. Seems like a sound strategy.

Drazic from Heartbreak High

Drazic had all the markings of a '90s teen rebel: hot girlfriend, eyebrow piercing and hailing from the 'wrong side of the tracks'. He liked rollerblading and not doing his homework.

Buffy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

She would kill vampires AND date them. THAT'S KIND OF UNHEALTHY GURL.
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