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The best Ricki Lake topics

20 NOV 2012 | Posted By: SineadStubbins

The best Ricki Lake topics

Ricki Lake
Ricki Lake
Ricki Lake
Ricki Lake
Ricki Lake
Ricki Lake
Ricki Lake
Ricki Lake
Ricki Lake
Ricki Lake
Ricki Lake was the most fantastic show on earth.

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Oh yeah, it was the worst. Running from 1993-2004, The Ricki Lake Show covered several hot button issues, usually involving women being too fat/too bitchy about being skinny/ having too much sex/ having too many babies. A dude would come on and tell his sister that she was too fat and trampy, Ricki would say "NO YOU DIDN'T!" and everyone would chant "Go Ricki, go Ricki!"

Remember Strawberry, who hated interracial relationships? And Valerie who thought white women were taking the best men, but leaving all the "thugs and drug dealers" to black women?

Ugh. Here are The best Ricki Lake topics:

"Weave Wars (So Long, We'll Be Weaving You)"
Ricki's final episode which explored the most outrageous hairstyles. WAY TO GO OUT WITH A BANG!

"Mom, Let Me Do It In The House Or I'm Gone!" (1997)
Ricki helps mums negotiating their teens boning in the next room.

"Brother Confront Their Trampy Sisters!"
Ricki helps brothers tell their sisters to stop having sex.

"My Sister Has No Class, She's A Hoochie!"
For the sisters who missed the last episode.

"I'm A Prostitute And I'm Proud Of It!" (2002)
"Learn how to surrender every last thread of your dignity while boosting your pride. Plus, you'll make a few hundred tax-free bucks in the process".

"I'm Not The Only Woman Carrying His Baby!" (2002)
Kim and Keisha are both pregnant with James' baby. Babies?

"I Don't Believe You've Stopped Smoking/Drinking!" (2000)
So I'm going to kiss/sniff you!

"You've Broken My Son's Heart, How Can I Forgive You!"
Mums and sisters lure their son's/brother's exes to Ricki Lake to yell at them for something they did years ago.

"You've Lost Weight... Now Lose The Attitude!" (1997)
Formerly overweight people get told off my currently overweight people for being happy.

"You're Pregnant, Stop Partying!"
Ricki judges pregnant women.

"I Don't Approve Of Your Interracial Relationship!"
Says the families of inbred, Southern hicks.

"We've Never Met... Surprise, I Love You!"

"You Think I Dress Like A Total Freak... But You Haven't Seen Anything Yet, Until Today!" (1997)
We have absolutely no idea what this means.

"Mom, I'm A Teen Hottie With A Body...Back Off! My Looks Get Me What I Want!"
Ricki helps teens tell their mums not to be jealous of their hottie body.

"Baby, You're Barely Out Of Diapers Yourself... Stop Having So Many Babies!" (1997)
Um, gross.
"I Want You To Be My Man... So Stop Wearing My Dresses!" (1997)
Ricki tells cross-dressers that they're not real men.

"Honey, Stop Blaming PMS...Let's Face It You're Just A Bitch!"
Ricki confronts women on PMS blaming.

"Get A Grip Girl... You're Too Fat To Be A Drag Queen!"

"I Told You I Was Pregnant, But Guess What I Lied!" (1996)
Horrible women lie to their horrible boyfriends, and Ricki shakes her head.

"Mom You Think I'm Crazy, But I Was Abducted By Aliens!"
Mums being unsupportive of their children's UFO experiences.

"Stop Writing My Number on Toilet Walls!" (1994)
How many times is too many times?
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