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Lifelounge guide to the best TV bosses

15 MAR 2012 | Posted By: Katie

Lifelounge guide to the best TV bosses

30 Rock
Bernard Black
David Brent
David Brent
Douglas Reynholm
Dr Cox
Jack Donaghy
Leslie Knope
Liz Lemon
Parks and Recreation
You spend most of your time at work and in bed. (Or both at the same time if you're really lucky and/or a hooker.) So whether you like it or not, it becomes a bit of a family-style situation: if they crack their knuckles, or breathe really heavily, or slurp their coffee, or type like King Kong, or jiggle their legs, or have no concept of an indoor voice, or no concept of an inner-monologue, or no concept of time/space/girth/over-sharing/life – you're still kinda stuck with them.

Which is why if you get an awesome boss you should consider yourself really lucky.

Here's Lifelounge's guide to the best TV bosses.

Douglas Renholm, The IT Crowd
He's a bit of a sex-pest, granted. But he is such a dunderhead that he'd be genuinely impressed with everything you managed to achieve. If you taught him some shortcut keys, he'd buy you a pony.

Sam Malone, Cheers
Totally self-centred and obnoxious and arrogant... and still so charming.

Dr Perry Cox, Scrubs
He's scary as fuck and his weird ranty voices would do your head in, but you could rely on him to always tell you the truth.

Ron Swanson, Parks and Recreation
Because Ron Swanson.

Leslie Knope, Parks and Recreation
2IC she may be, but without Knope, Swanson (and the rest of the department) would be nowhere. She has the enthusiasm to run the whole organisation and she really cares about her workmates. Also, she is awesome.

Bernard Black, Black Books
He loves books, wine and swearing. He hates people. The perfect workplace, if you can manage to stay on his good side – which is easy; just keep him drunk.

David Brent, The Office (UK)

Before you all lose your minds and say what a wanker DB is, hear us out. Mr Brent is one of those bosses that would let you get away with murder as long as you played along with his bullshit every now and then. All you'd have to do is buy him a beer, laugh at his jokes and flatter him a few times and you'd get a raise, your own office and one of those sweet plaques for your desk.

Jack Donaghy, 30 Rock
He is dashing, charming, intimidating, smart, has piercing blue eyes and gazes out an office window like nobody else. He's also not above breaking a lot of rules and being incredibly inappropriate – but for the greater good.

Liz Lemon, 30 Rock
Also not the top dawg, but Liz Lemon is the boss of TGS. Homegirl would actually really be a great boss – she cares about her product and her staff, she's hilarious, and she is always, always in the mood to dance or eat.
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