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Lifelounge guide to acting offspring

19 SEP 2012 | Posted By: NickJ

Lifelounge guide to acting offspring

Clint Eastwood
Colin Hanks
Gary Busey
Jaden Smith
Jake Busey
James Brolin
Josh Brolin
Scott Eastwood
Tom Hanks
Will Smith
It'd be a totally different story if your olds were accountants, animal husbandrists(?), librarians, or lollipop people; following in their footsteps wouldn't be nearly as attractive as it would be if they were mega famous, mega rich actors. Growing up surrounded by mansions, babes, parties, kick ass trailers, epic on-set catering, other famous people and all the rest of the movie star trimmings are the things kids dream of. Not to say it's the only recipe for a memorable childhood, but it sure would make it tasty as hell.

Point is, it's no wonder lots of kids who have movie star parents carry on the mantle in some form or another. Whether it's writing, directing, producing, or acting, the creative blood runs deep and having that big golden foot in the door doesn't hurt either. But, in saying that, it's not all a smooth and necessarily successful sail to join your folk/s at the top. Drugs, violence, bad boy attitudes and of course, having the talent gene skip a generation have all played a part in keeping potential careers at bay (Charlie Sheen's seeming invincibility to everything on the planet is a giant exception).

We've hand picked a selection of Hollywood's current generation of screen spawn who're giving the title a crack. There's some who are killing it, some who just aren't the answer and some who look like bizarro-world versions of their parents and are almost too weird to look at.

1. Josh Brolin - The son of James Brolin and step son of Barbra Streisand whois killing it. His first role was in the iconic 1986 kids adventure flick, The Goonies. Since then he went to pretty much make a movie a year until hitting on notable roles in No Country For Old Men, American Gangster, Milk and W. Dude is in high demand and churns out great stuff.

2. Colin Hanks – Unfortunately, the son of Hollywood golden boy, Tom Hanks, is the vice-captain of the Hanks B-Team. Despite old mate Col scoring some plum roles in Orange County, King Kong, Mad Men and Dexter, he’s just not the answer.

3. Jaden Smith – The excruciatingly annoying son of gargantuan movie star Will Smith is by all accounts a pretty good actor, but there’s… just… something… reaalllllyyyy goddamn nauseating about him… Could be the revolting excuse for music he and his sister make... kill it with fire.

4. Jake Busey – Ah Jake, son of ‘80s action guy come modern day reality TV show fruit loop Gary Busey. Okay, so Gary Busey was never in the same league as Hanks and Smith with movies like Predator 2, Point Break, Under Siege and a fuck load of B-graders under his belt, but he was still kinda awesome in his day. Jake’s toothy grin is best known for his roles in Starship Troopers, Contact and The Frighteners, but probably not Road House 2 or The Hitcher 2.

5. Scott Reeves AKA Scott Eastwood – Son of legendary big screen tough guy and director of tear-jerking, Americana cheesefests, Clint Eastwood (Clint boned a flight attendant and had Scott), Scott’s gone on to star in a string of quality albeit often his old man’s films. Gran Torino, Invictus, Enter Nowhere and the upcoming bound to be awesome The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D have given us faith in Scott. He’s got a face that doesn’t look too much like a Twilight Zone version of Clint’s and doesn’t do too bad a job on screen either.
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