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Gingers threatened with extinction

24 AUG 2007 | Posted By: Luke

Gingers threatened with extinction

Ginger Extinction
Ginger Extinction
A report in the latest edition of National Geographic revealed that some scientist believe that the ginger gene could be extinct by as early as the year 2060. Apparently the fact the gingers haven't been sleeping with other gingers has contributed to the decline. The world's most potent ginger population exists in Scotland where an estimate 40% of them carry the ginger gene (only 13% have red hair) although the world's ginger population sits closer to 2%. The only thing that might save the saucy gene is if all the gingers of the world move to Scotland and start procreating like rabbits. Not likely.

View full report here.

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There are "11" comment(s) on "Gingers threatened with extinction"

Advanced Member 7F6E6F25
This is big news ... considering Lifelounge is home to the famous "Red meat" thread.
7F6E6F25  -  7 years ago
Reply  |  Report
Advanced Member Diego
Red Heads are crazy. My first gf in high school was a red and she was crazy like.
Diego  -  7 years ago
Reply  |  Report
Advanced Member 713AB3D2
Or we could procreate with the Orangutan's ...
713AB3D2  -  7 years ago
Reply  |  Report
Advanced Member 9F581113
bring back the ginger wall!
9F581113  -  7 years ago
Reply  |  Report
eat a red hairy dick!
NOTORIOUSJAY  -  6 years ago
Reply  |  Report
New Lounger 5EBC01EC
Hahaha So funny i also ginger and in fact if you wanna argue then let it begin. I am 100% proud of being ginger and so what is being said that we are orangutans then people with black hair look like they have a big black head on there scull and brown hair is tecnically ginger just lighter or darker so it looks like someone has shit on you head and yes there has been surveys that ginger people act differtly but it is just another color at the en andd of the day and The Ghost of NJ's Past why dont you do it to some other color hair person hahaha in a bit losers GINGERS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!! p.s any ginger girls i am happy to create more gingersxxx
5EBC01EC  -  4 years ago
Reply  |  Report
Respect freeak
Well, I've learned something. The grammar gene in gingers was bred out a long time ago.
freeak  -  4 years ago
Reply  |  Report
Stephen rimmer, you just totally took Flaming to the next level!
NOTORIOUSJAY  -  4 years ago
Reply  |  Report
Respect pashoncoop
Fire Crotches.
pashoncoop  -  4 years ago
Reply  |  Report
Respect freeak
Fanta pants.
freeak  -  4 years ago
Reply  |  Report
Advanced Member Miro
FACT: Red means stop.
Miro  -  4 years ago
Reply  |  Report

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