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Gif me a break volume 1

24 APR 2012 | Posted By: NickJ

Gif me a break volume 1 Gifs. Inexplicable in their ruthless ability to cause immense LOLs. A crude mashing of still images creating a looping Graphics Interchange Format curio. From left-of-field nonsense to strangers and animals injuring themselves through pure stupidity, Gifs truly are a gift from the digi-gods.

In response to being sent a large folder of these little suckers, we thought we should do the right thing and collate a bunch and whack ‘em in a weekly post.

So without further adieu, we welcome the first edition of ‘Gif me a break’.

Let's Watch Funny Videos Online GIF - Let's Watch Funny Videos Online

The Szyslak Shuffle GIF - The Szyslak Shuffle

This Beat is Nuts GIF - This Beat is Nuts

Slipping on The Dock of The Bay GIF - Slipping on The Dock of The Bay

Controversy Between  GIF - Controversy Between

Ouch My Nards GIF - Ouch My Nards

 - Classic: Monkey Jerk Teases a Dog

Wait, How The Hell Did You Get Behind The Wheel? GIF - Wait, How The Hell Did You Get Behind The Wheel?

Car Noob GIF - Car Noob
Channing Tatum is scared of porcelain dolls
‘Start Options Exit’ to open Melbourne Underground Film Festival
Tony Soprano is alive, you guys
Hello Kitty is not a cat
Ice Bucket Challenge makes its way to Springfield
Richard Attenborough has died at the age of 90
The Mountain is Europe’s strongest man
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