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Best of knuckle tattoos

02 JUN 2010 | Posted By: Georgia

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Aside from inner-lip etchings of four letter expletives, neck carvings brandishing your Harley's name, or getting 56 stars tattooed on your face while you were 'sleeping', knuckle tattoos are about the most hardcore inkage you can get. They make you want wear half a cow hide on your shoulders, shatter your collarbone with a exercise bike tube, and pierce your septum with a rusty teaspoon.

We just discovered this brilliant website that showcases this odd trend: knuckletattoos.com. We've chosen a few of our favourites from their very excellent site.

Overweight and underpaid? BAM! Get some SLIM FAST. Someone call your girl a slag? BAM! JUDO CHOP to the face. Life giving you lemons? BAM! Make LEMONADE. Upset that you never passed your high school exams? BAM! Permantly misspell YOUR NEXT across your knucks. Sick of answering questions about if your earlobe was pianful? BAM! Tell them that THIS HURT. Get so fucked you can't remember which limb is which? BAM! Etch KNUCKLES for a reminder.

Other favourites include the guy that was so upset that Martha Stewart was sent to the slammer that he got her federal prison number across his knuckles, the a-ha reference, and the chick that just became the coolest kid in lit class by declaring her love for BUKOWSKI.

PS. if any of you loyal readers have some sweet hand tats, we'd love to see them.

Much more at knuckletattoos.com. Go there.

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