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1980s Smash Hits covers are amazing
If we give you any piece of advice Loungers, it would be never, EVER throw out your old magazines. And do...more
GALLERY Posted By: SineadStubbins
Aug 01 2013
Babes Of Our Lives - Cindy Crawford
Did you know that Cindy Crawford was valedictorian of her high school? And that she won a scholarship to ...more
GALLERY Posted By: SineadStubbins
Jul 08 2013
Websites in the 1990s were shit
It really is surprising how shitty the internet was in the 1990s. We've somehow forgotten what websites l...more
GALLERY Posted By: SineadStubbins
Jun 25 2013

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Babes Of Our Lives - Marianne Faithfull
Marianne Faithfull was the coolest girl in the world. A musician, fashion icon (she has accused Kate Moss...more
GALLERY Posted By: NickJ
Jun 17 2013
Tobacco advertising in the 1920s was weird
We've looked at the devilish (but clever) cigarette ads from the 1960s and '70s before, but who knew that...more
GALLERY Posted By: SineadStubbins
May 08 2013
Quentin and Thomas invent burgers
A great burger can be a thing of beauty, so it only makes sense that it could be considered a work of art...more
GALLERY Posted By: SineadStubbins
May 07 2013
Babes Of Our Lives - Dolly Parton
Dolly Parton is a babe. Not only did she wish us "joy and happy-nes" long before Whitney Houston did, but...more
GALLERY Posted By: SineadStubbins
May 06 2013
Babes Of Our Lives - Liv Tyler
Liv Tyler is just so... nice. There just seems to be something about her that is universally endearing. M...more
GALLERY Posted By: SineadStubbins
Apr 29 2013
Babes Of Our Lives - Stevie Nicks
There's no denying this week's babe is all time. Voicing a band that has produced forty Top 50 hits, sold...more
GALLERY Posted By: NickJ
Apr 16 2013
Quarterflash - Harden My Heart. If this song isn't...
Interesting post! More accurate information on thi...

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in Simpsons Episode eleven season eighteenth (Reve...
Is this internship paid?
Newest reading! The presented concept of the subje...

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That's a unique way to grab the interests of the m...

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Lauren Speigh
Lucas Grogan paints and stitches conversations
Lucas Grogan paints and stitches conversations