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The digital piggy bank from hell

02 MAR 2011 | Posted By: -Mikolai-

The digital piggy bank from hell

Digital Piggy Bank
Digital Piggy Bank
Digital Piggy Bank
Digital Piggy Bank
Digital Piggy Bank
Digital Piggy Bank
Digital Piggy Bank
Digital Piggy Bank
Let’s face it, the days of lugging cash around are limited. While coins and notes have had a good run (and have kept society ticking along for the last few millennium) their time is fast drawing to a close. Give it a few more years and you’ll be paying for most transactions with a quick swipe of either your smart phone or credit card. All good and well, but where does that leave the humble piggy bank?

This electric Piggy Bank was designed by students at the Umea Institute of Design in Sweden and takes saving into the new millennium. Basically, the machine gets agitated and stroppy whenever it senses a nearby person – sort of like John Galliano after a few drinks (Oh! Snap!). But seriously though, the LED face lights up and scowls, the lights flash, and the only way to shut it up is to feed it your credit /debit card and transfer a small amount of cash into your savings account.

Is it practical? Not really. Will it drive you into a furious rage? Quite possiblly. That said, this whole thing was knocked together in two days and it does hint at a future that’s not that far away. When dollar coins go the way of the dinosaur and Galliano's career, some pimped out version of this will no doubt be on hand to teach your kids that life isn’t fair, or cheap.

Find out more about the project at zenona.com.
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