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Techs in effect volume three - the Chrismukkah edition

21 DEC 2010 | Posted By: LifeloungeStaff

Techs in effect volume three - the Chrismukkah edition

C3PO swimsuit
Crochet ninja
DC jewels
DC jewels
DC jewels
DC jewels
Finger brush
Like/Dislike stamps
Like/Dislike stamps
Hey you guys! We went virtual shopping for you. For family/friends/BFFs/GFs/BFs you may or may not have. Don't say we never do anything for you. So here's a bunch of tech gift ideas for the Chrismukkah season.

Geek GF
Firstly, if your girlfriend is into comics and such: congratulations. Secondly, here's a gift that combines the romance of jewellery with DC Comics. There are Batman knuckle-dusters, Wonder Woman bamboo hoops, Gotham City rings and Catwoman claws. Available at noirjewelry.com.

Geek boyf
Hopefully he's the kind that is geeky, but doesn't actually have a home-made NES Controller coffee table in his bedroom (that is scattered with empty Chicken Twisties packets). In which case he might like an awesome looking travel poster of a fictional city like Metropolis or Gotham. Available at imagekind.com.

FB obsessed tween
Don't be mean and call him/her a loser. Bring the poor kid back into the real world with these 'Like' and 'Dislike' stamps. Just make sure they get it and don't stamp all over their laptop screen. Like. Available at wearenation.co.uk.

Vampire obsessed tween
Sick for Twilight? Play with the kid's emotions and pretend you thought Edward Cullen was a zombie and that's why you didn't get the Twilight box-set with life-sized Bella and Edward cut-out – but a bunch of zombie-themed fridge magnets. Zombie haiku! Available at thinkgeek.com.

Sci-fi teen
S/he's already seen Tron, like, eleventy times and has the soundtrack and has begun making Daft Punk helmets. But now kid can listen to the Tron score on Daft Punk headphones. Not as good as the bike, but still. Available at sonicelectronix.com.

Every dad in history
If your dad doesn't like messing around with his ears, then he's the first one I ever heard about. I thought all pops enjoy an ear cleaning of any kind: by the doctor, an ear specialist, a pseudo-naturopath who does ear-candling, cotton buds, his car keys... But imagine if you could actually see into your ear while you were cleaning? This fibre-optic ear cleaner is equal parts amazing and gross. Available at japantrendshop.com.

Crafty mum
Don't know about you mum, but some mums are crafty – all sewing and crocheting and embroidering. So what does every mum need? A crochet ninja. Amirite? Available at thinkgeek.com.

Black Milk swimsuits are perfect for the girl who wants to channel her inner CP30. And who doesn't? Available at blackmilkclothing.com.

Usually you can't get too tech with your g-parents, so how about this thing that seems useful until you realise it's easier just to use your hands? It's a little claw-type gadget for grabbing (apparently) popcorn specifically. No more greasy fingers, I guess. Available at japantrendshop.com.

S/he who has everything
Popcorn Yubi-fude Finger Brush. Of course. Available at japantrendshop.com.

We Wii you a merry Chrismukkah.
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Respect -Mikolai-
Cover image. Damn.
-Mikolai-  -  3 years ago
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