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Noteslate is a tech notepad

15 FEB 2011 | Posted By: -Mikolai-

Noteslate is a tech notepad

Tablets are great and all, but sometimes you don’t need to watch a movie, and send emails, and update your Facebook status, and read the newspaper all at once. Sometimes you just want to write notes, or sketch diagrams, or draw rude pictures. That’s where the NoteSlate comes in.

Pitched as a low-tech solution (to a problem you didn’t know you had), it’s a tablet device exclusively for scribbling notes and images. Basically, it’s a very sleek and shiny alternative to carrying around a notepad. With dedicated stylus control, a 13” electronic paper display, 180 hours battery life and all the usual upload/download/save functions you expect, it’s much better suited to drawing crude pornographic images than a traditional tablet. Alternatively, you can use it as a diary, or to write your great American novel, or whatever.

While the NoteSlate isn’t going to cause Apple any sleepless nights, it is useful for comic book peoples, or anyone allergic to paper. It’s also $99 cheap, which helps. It launches in June.

More at noteslate.com.
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