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Fuji’s X100 is brand new, retro

16 DEC 2010 | Posted By: -Mikolai-

Fuji’s X100 is brand new, retro

Fuji iX 100
Fuji X 100
Fuji X 100
Fuji X 100
Fuji X 100
Fuji X 100
Fuji X 100
Fuji X 100
Fuji X 100
Fuji X 100
Fuji’s Finepix X100 can pull all kinds of magic tricks out of its (metaphorical) hat. It’s modelled on classic 35mm rangefinders, has traditional analogue controls, records HD films and does a bunch of other stuff we don’t understand. Hyperfocal distance?

While all the features and specs are nice, the real appeal here is pretty obvious – chunky retro styling. The X100 may be fresh out the box, but it looks like it was beamed in from a Scandinavian photo shoot in the mid-'70s. It’s the sort of camera that’s sure to have you winning friends and influencing people at relevant art launches. Start messing with the aperture-ring and it’s basically a ‘done deal’.

While there’s no shortage of cameras on the market, Fuji have written a very long, very detailed letter explaining just why the X100 is ‘the business’ and backed all this up with fancy diagrams. If you’re serious about photography and feel like indulging in some chin stroking you can visit the official Fuji website and go crazy. Everyone else can use the X100 as an excuse to take embarrassing ‘Year Book’ photos of your drunken friends cavorting around bedrooms, accidentally setting things on fire.

The Fuji X100 is set for release March next year and is expected to retail for approximately $1000.

More at fujifilm.com.
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There are "1" comment(s) on "Fuji’s X100 is brand new, retro"

New Lounger Reenz
Nice and well priced. Hey that kinda rhymes, i need sleep.
Reenz  -  4 years ago
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