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Fisheye and wide angle lenses for your smartphone

09 FEB 2011 | Posted By: -Mikolai-

Fisheye and wide angle lenses for your smartphone

Smartphone lens
Smartphone lens
Smartphone lens
Smartphone lens
Smartphone lens
Smartphone lens
Smartphone lens
Smartphone lens
Smartphone lens
For better or worse, Smartphones are starting to replace traditional cameras. The quality might be inferior, the features limited, but these pocket-sized cameras have one huge advantage – accessibility. Unlike that 20 zillion megapixel camera you always leave at home, a phone is with you 24/7. And thanks to accessories like the fisheye / wide angle lens, it’s getting better all the time.

As the names suggest, these two lenses from Photojojo turn your boring old camera phone into a Spike Jonze videoclip. Held in place by magnets, they simple clip on over the regular lens and do their thing. All off a sudden that blurry band photo from the back of the crowd becomes a blurry band photo with a fisheye effect! Or it’s in Wide Angle!

If you really want to get creative, you can use these magnetic lenses alongside camera based apps like Hipstamatic. Next thing you know you’re shooting art-house photos of old women outside a deli in wide angle, on super grain film, with a Helga Viking, WHILE fielding phone calls. Let’s see your flying car from the imaginary future do that.

The fisheye lens goes for $20, the combined wide angle /macro sells for $25. They’re compatible with all Smartphones (but not so great with the iPhone4).

They’re available at photojojo.com.
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Comments on this Post
There are "1" comment(s) on "Fisheye and wide angle lenses for your smartphone "

Respect neeko
I got both lenses last week to use on an iPhone 4 and have to admit that they aren't designed for these at all. They suggest on the PhotoJoJo website a bit of DIY and to cut the magentic ring to allow the flash to be more visible, but in doing so, buckles the shit out of the ring and renders it useless!! Good idea though, just needs a better way to attach it to one of the world's most popular phones!
neeko  -  3 years ago
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