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Chobi One is the world’s smallest digital camera

25 JAN 2011 | Posted By: -Mikolai-

Chobi One is the world’s smallest digital camera

Chobi Cam One
Chobi Cam One
Chobi Cam One
Chobi Cam One
Chobi Cam One
Chobi Cam One
Chobi Cam One
Chobi Cam One
If there’s one thing iPhone photography has taught us, it’s that anything can be passed off as art. Oh, there’s a bunch of backlight? Yeah, it’s supposed to look like that. Blurred image? Totes on purpose. Cut of someone’s head, blurred the photo, added a technicolour flash and obscured half the frame with your finger? Vogue is on the line – they want you to shoot the September cover…. Seems the crappier the photo, the more you can claim ‘art outsider’ status.

Speaking of crappy photos – the Chobi Cam One has set a new benchmark for both size and shoddy photo quality. Only slightly larger than the SD cards it saves to, this engineering miracle can shoot photos at 1600 x 1200 pixels (almost 2MP! Whoa). It also records rubbish quality movies (30fps 640 × 480) in an obscure video format.

Still not convinced? Maybe the interchangeable lenses will sway you. You can go with a wide angle lens, a fish eye, or a teleconverter. Also, you can use your Chobi Cam One as an actual keychain.

Retailing for approximately $120 (with additional lenses $30), the Chobi Cam One is a brave new frontier in very bad photography. Except the requisite art shows in about 12 months.

Buy the Chobi Cam One from jtt.ne.jp .

Chobi One video footage + puppies:
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