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Hugh Holland

22 NOV 2007 | Posted By: Luke

Hugh Holland

Hugh Holland
Hugh Holland
Hugh Holland
Hugh Holland
Hugh Holland
Hugh Holland
Hugh Holland
Hugh Holland
Hugh Holland
Hugh Holland
The shorts were... well... short, the pads were shit, the hair was long, the deck was thin, the socks were high, the kick was invisible, the ollie was but a dream and the skating was pure. Free from a multi-billion dollar industry and free from fame seeking egos, the mid seventies represent the adolesence of the skateboarding movement. A time where empty pools were the ultimate haven and skaters nurtured the idea of being vertical. It was such an amazing period... everything was new. 

Although not a skater himself Oklahoma photographer Hugh Holland as an observer was captivated by skateboarding. He soon befriended the boys from the Santa Monica and Venice skateboarding scene (including the legendary Z-boys) and drove the boys from skate spot to skate spot documenting the beginning of what modern skateboarding has become. His photos were shot  mostly in the late afternoon with old negative movie film giving his images a warm and soft tone. Awesome work.

Some samples of his work are pictured to the right of this post ---->

Interview with photographer and filmmaker Richard Kern
Nude rock climbing will make you want to clutch your bits
Precious by Jane Hilton
Daft Punk x M Le Monde December 2013
The photography of Lundesnombreux
John and Wolf
Keepin' up with the Steezy
Comments on this Post
There are "4" comment(s) on "Hugh Holland"

Member 58BF43F7
58BF43F7  -  6 years ago
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Member tokyork
lovley photos! awsome style! nice!
tokyork  -  6 years ago
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New Lounger 5F84E6AF
Hey Hugh, Weren't you the photographer that worked with Skateboard World magazine and shot pics at the Jungle Bowl in San Francisco back in '77? If so, is there any way to get copies of those pics? Please let me know at davadams_99@yahoo.com. Thanks. BTW, your photos are inspiring, and bring back so many great memories.
5F84E6AF  -  5 years ago
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New Lounger 8B4D0612
Oh yeah, back in the day....Love it...
8B4D0612  -  4 years ago
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