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A different type of camouflage from photographer Adonis Flores

22 JUN 2010 | Posted By: Georgia

A different type of camouflage from photographer Adonis Flores

Adonis Flores
Adonis Flores
Adonis Flores
Adonis Flores
Adonis Flores
Adonis Flores
Adonis Flores
Adonis Flores
Adonis Flores
Adonis Flores
Adonis Flores is challenging our perceptions of the military. Although many war-themed satire works rely on shock factor to project their vision, Flores' work relies on razor wit instead of razor machetes. The soldiers in his photographs still seem strong, but they are kind of submissive. It's hard to be taken seriously when you've got a bouquet of flowers fit for Mariah Carey's wedding exploding out of your gob.

We laugh, and then we suddenly realise what we're laughing at. A solider camouflaged as a clown, another with an eye-patch made out of raw severed meat... Sure, it looks a little funny, but the fact that these service men are wearing uniform adds a political element to his work that seeps through your consciousness. It's less of a slap in the face, and more of slow Chinese burn. But the effects are still as long lasting. And kind of hurt.

Perhaps it is the fact that Flores comes from Cuba that he feels compelled to create art of this nature. It has quite literally coloured his vision. As a young gun, he fought in the war of Angola, and now he is fighting in a different way.

Make art, not war.

Flores doesn't have a website but you can read about him at mytogallery.com.
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