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Scott Pommier and his photographs of boards and bikes

25 JUN 2010 | Posted By: Georgia

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Scott Pommier, head photographer for SBC magazine among others, snaps at anything that moves on wheels. Including shopping trolleys. In 2006, he helped in creating the documentary Carts of Darkness, a feature film following a bunch of homeless guys that race Wal-Mart trolleys at 50mph through the streets of Vancouver. A few stills are included below, and you can watch the full length film (both freely and legally) at nfb.ca. Why did this trend never take off? Could you ollie a shopping trolley?

Pommier attended the Ontario College of Art and Design for a year, but "my classmates overused the word 'juxtaposition', so I left". Fifteen years later, he has been round the artistic block so many times that it gives as a wondrous dizzy headache. Editorial fashion shoots and photojournalism jobs followed, and soon there will be a coffee table book called Chasing Thunder, which is a collection of vintage bike shots. He says that it's all about "the romance of the road and the love of old machines": we can't wait to dirty it with espresso stains. It's no reinvention of the wheel; but just as the segway is the (failed) reinvention, it's still fun to look at.

More at scottpommier.com.

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Comments on this Post
There are "2" comment(s) on "Scott Pommier and his photographs of boards and bikes"

Respect JiMBOB
enjoyed, thank you
JiMBOB  -  4 years ago
Reply  |  Report
Respect Luke
some great shots in there. well spotted Georgia
Luke  -  4 years ago
Reply  |  Report

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