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Capturing beauty with photographer Michael J DeMeo

28 JUN 2010 | Posted By: Georgia

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In a day and age where we read iPads not books and diaries are being eschewed for our Blackberry calendars, it is refreshing to see that some photographers are still shooting exclusively on analogue. Often picking up his cameras at thrift stores in Portland, Oregan, Michael J DeMeo photographer is taking over digital one blurry polaroid at a time.

One can't help but wonder: how does one man get so many beautiful scantily clad women in his bed? Perhaps DeMeo should be writing a dating advice book, complete with saucy pictures:
1. Have an exotic sounding last name so they can doodle their imagined married name in their notebook. Georgia DeMeo.
2. Only shoot in analogue. Chicks dig lo-fi.
3. Never underestimate the power of a good leather jacket.
4. Hang out in Berlin for a bit and drink pilsner. You don't even have to sprechen die Deutsch.
5. Photograph a bunch of your mates riding bicycles in the nuddy. It's both liberating and lubricating.

More at michaeljdemeo.com and michaeljdemeoblog.com.

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Lucas Grogan paints and stitches conversations
Lucas Grogan paints and stitches conversations