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Top ten Spring jams

11 SEP 2012 | Posted By: NickJ

Top ten Spring jams

A Tribe Called Quest
Bobby Cliff
David Bowie
Hot 8 Brass Band
Jurassic 5
Larry Levan
LCD Soundsystem
Otis Redding
Van She
Ah yes, Spring is here. Birds are tweeting, trees are blossoming, the sun is finally rearing its gaseous UV ridden face for more than five seconds and the urge to drink copious amounts of refreshing beverages at your local (or if you're a beard wielding pushie commanding hipster, drinking cider on your nearest traffic island) is insatiable.

It's a wonderful time to be a human, and what makes it even more so is the inevitable mixtapes that end up becoming the soundtrack for that season. As you guys know, we're all about mixtapes, and what better excuse to slap together some of our all-time favorite jams than 'coz Spring is here. So kick back, turn up the volume, skip the Youtube ads and welcome the warmth.

1. 'Quality Control' - Jurassic 5

2. 'Stand On The Word' - Joubert Singers

3. 'Steal My Sunshine' - Len

4. 'Jamaica' - Van She

5. 'Dance Yourself Clean' - LCD Soundsystem

6. 'Can You Kick It' - A Tribe Called Quest

7. 'I Don't Like Cricket' - Bobby Cliff

8. 'Sexual Healing' - Hot 8 Brass Band

9. 'Try A Little Tenderness' - Otis Redding

10. 'Fame' - David Bowie
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