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Top ten rappers to follow on Instagram

22 FEB 2013 | Posted By: BelvedereFansworth

Top ten rappers to follow on Instagram

A$AP Rocky
A$AP Rocky
Action Bronson
Juicy J
Juicy J
Rick Ross
Rick Ross
Thanks to Instagram we’re now able to keep track of our favorite rappers. The want to live vicariously through them is a common feeling, especially when you’re bored or waiting in line somewhere.

To help feed your craving, we’ve put together a list of Instagram accounts you might find entertaining.

We recommend skipping to the next article if you have no interest in kicks, weed, cars, bitches or money.

1. Diddy - @iamdiddy
Diddy’s spent the last two decades impressing the world with his over-the-top parties and extreme wealth.

His instagram account is a reflection of his lifestyle, his kids, Ciroc parties, cheesey promo shots, and the countless parties he attends. The difference is, Diddy seems to do it with a little more class than most.

2. A$AP ROCKY - @asvpxrocky
Rocky’s Instagram is basically a collection of selfies. It would seem Lord Flacko has no problem taking pics of himself, all day everyday. If you’re into his raps or simply want to sex him, this is the perfect rapper to follow.

3. Soulja Boy - @souljaboytellem
The teenage rapper that got big via MySpace, and hated on by the whole industry apart from the people that were profiting of him. His account mostly consists of selfies in the mirror of himself rocking the flyest and priciest threads out, and showing of his collection of kicks, rose gold jewelery and countless tattoos.

4. Juicy J - @juicyj
Academy Award-winning Juicy J has weed and money on his mind.
Not sure how regularly he has to go to the ATM, but this guy gets around with Fort Knox in his back pocket. Some rappers make it rain on strippers, Juicy J is a on man Hurricane Katrina.

It clearly pays to be rich.

5. T.I - @troubleman31
Just like the name of the account states, he’s a troubleman. Whether he’s making reference to his multiple encounters with the law or showing off his over the top behaviour, it would seem T.I. has more money than Rockefeller. One photo we particularly like is his cash covered living room. Werd.

6. Action Bronson - @actionbronson
Part time chef, full time rapper, Action Bronson is all about food porn. Tantalizing our taste buds with his own recipes, this Instagram account is everything but normal for a rapper.

7. Rick Ross - @richforever
Rozay’s Instagram consists of some of the most luxurious clothes, cars, jewels and locations in the world. It would seem Ricky has a well-educated entourage that keep him up to date with the dopest shit out. Also, Rozay tries to keep his account a little more tasteful by taking pics of painting and sculptures that you and I will never be able to afford.

One of the best instagrams to follow in our opinion.

8. Birdman - @birdman5star
Bad taste at its best, Birdman has no shame. His account is basically an online shop for all the merchandise he makes for YMCMB and the countless other companies he owns.
Maybachs, Phantoms and Bugatti’s are his everyday cars which sure beats catching public transport. If you’re stupid rich that is.

9. Trinidad James - @trinidadjamesgg

Apart from looking like a parody of ‘90s sitcoms, Trinidad James has made a pretty big impact considering he’s been around for such a short amount of time.

Gold teeth and topless shots seem to be his forté, well worth having a look at his account just for a good laugh.

10. Wale - @walemmg
Wale’s instagram is a look inside his everyday life and what shoes he’s currently sporting. From the studio to the gig, back to the studio, then onto a plane and off to the next gig, the journey of a rapper through social media.

His instagram is mostly kicks, cars, and weed. (What’s not to like?)
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Respect NickJ
It's called a mistake. Shit happens. Chill.
NickJ  -  about a year ago

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