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Top Ten Longest Songs

04 JAN 2013 | Posted By: NickJ

Top Ten Longest Songs

Dire Straits
Meat Loaf
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Pink Floyd
The Doors
Along with finding your thought-to-be lost phone, discovering extra money in your bank account and realising the side window is open after thinking you've been locked out of your house, remembering there's a long weekend around the corner is one of the best goddamn feelings in the world. Period. And just in case you forgot, we've got a big fuck-off one starting tomorrow.

One of the bestest parts of a long weekend is getting the hell out of the city and doing some road tripping. An essential part of the road trip is some driving music. Errbody loves a mixtape, that's a fact. And 'coz we're so excited about celebrating the anniversary of the Easter Bunny's crucifixion, we've put together the top ten longest songs to help you whittle away the hours in your beat-up, cramped Hyundai Excel. 

FYI - In 2011 The Flaming Lips wrote a 24 hour song called '7 Skies H3' and there's only two ways to listen to it. Either stream it here or you can buy a special $5,000 hard drive with the song on it encased in a human skull. And the skull has chrome hair. Yeah, we know. But how awesome is that.

Queen - 'Bohemian Rhapsody'

Kraftwerk - 'Autobahn'

Meat Loaf - I'd Do Anything For Love'

Television - 'Marquee Moon'

Rush - '2112'

The Doors - 'The Celebration of the Lizard King'

Pink Floyd - 'Echoes'

Genesis - 'Supper's Ready'

Dire Straits - 'Telegraph Road'

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - 'Babe, I'm On Fire'
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Comments on this Post
There are "5" comment(s) on "Top Ten Longest Songs "

Respect fujiko-san
Iron Butterfly is a no brainer. Plus I went to a 3 hour Parliament concert once where they only played 4 songs...
fujiko-san  -  about a year ago
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Respect NickJ
Pretty sure Kraftwerk and Nick Cave aren't classic rock. But yes, there are lots of long songs.
NickJ  -  about a year ago
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Respect NickJ
Just to clarify guys, this is our selection of the 'top ten' longest songs. We're not saying these are the longest songs ever made, just our favs. So everyone just chill.
NickJ  -  11 months ago
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Respect NickJ
And for the record, 'The Devil's Glitch' by Chris Butler is longest song ever written as of 1996 according to Guinness. It's 96 minutes. Kinda trumps Jethro.
NickJ  -  11 months ago
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Kelly Horn
My favorite longest song is: "Mirror of Souls" by THEOCRACY from their 2008 release 'Mirror of Souls' This tune clocks in at about 22:27 (22 minutes & 27 seconds). There are several youtube versions of this one. A few are just the album cover showing while song plays; a couple of live concert versions. Then there are a couple of lyrical versions with pictures & illustrations with posted lyrics while the song plays. Music style is classic heavy metal with singable type vocals-no yelling, screaming, growling grunting, moaning or groaning. The music is 75%- 90% heavy metal. The beat, tempo, rhythms, & melodies change periodically throughout the song. As well as some double, triple & even quadruple layered/stacked vocal harmonies in some parts of the song. Lyrically this tune is about one's spiritual journey through life that also involves a stranger, having a Christian message, yet not being too "preachy". Pretty impressive for heavy (melodic) metal if you ask me. Like being on a 22 minute heavy metal music roller coaster ride!
Kelly Horn  -  29 days ago
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