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Top ten American Bandstand debuts

21 FEB 2013 | Posted By: NickJ

Top ten American Bandstand debuts

Beastie Boys
Dick Clarke & Michael Jackson
Jackson 5
KC & The Sunshine Band
The Commodores
The VIllage People
Weird Al Yankovic
It was the television launching pad for countless artists, it defined and confirmed the music of the times and was a place for people to get loose and dance to Top 40 records like freaks on live TV. Originally hosted by Bob Horn who was replaced by Dick Clarke after Horn was given the boot after being busted for drink driving along with moral charges for his involvement in a prostitution racket, American Bandstand pumped out a massive 3,000 episodes over a period of 37 years.

It was the musical cornerstone of a nation that not only kickstarted the career of Clarke, but helped bring the sounds of the world's biggest acts into the homes of millions of Americans including a very young Jackson 5, who 43 years ago today made their television debut singing (well, no one actually sang, it was all lip synced) 'I Want You Back'. The band had already sold millions of records and were on their way to selling even more millions by the time they stepped onto the stage to mime their hit. They went on to make a few more appearances on the show including Michael's performing a killer rendition of 'Dangerous' on a 50th anniversary AB tribute show in 2002.

 So in celebration of all things music, Jackson and American Bandstand, we give you our top ten American Bandstand debuts. Well, it's actually nine but we threw in 'Dangerous' 'coz it's awesome.
1. ABBA -'SOS'

 2. Blondie - 'Heart of Glass/One Way or Another'

 3. Beastie Boys - 'Fight For Your Right'

 4. Jackson 5 - I Want You Back

 5. The Commodores - Fancy Dancer
Commodores - Fancy Dancer (1976) HQ [American... by s2margolin

 6. Weird Al - Interview

 7. KC & The Sunshine Band - Boogie Shoes

 8. Prince - I Wanna Be Your Lover

9. Michael Jackson - 'Dangerous' 

 10. Village People - YMCA
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