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Top five Daft Punk rumours we'd like to hear

06 FEB 2013 | Posted By: NickJ

Top five Daft Punk rumours we'd like to hear

Bill Murray
Daft Punk
Daft Punk
Daft Punk
Daft Punk
Daft Punk
Michel Gondry
Pyramid Setup
Quentin Tarantino
Daft Punk are like the Paul Thomas Anderson of the electronic music bizz; masters of their craft who take their sweet-ass time when it comes to putting out new work. It's been two years since their Tron: Legacy soundtrack album, nearly six years since their Alive live album and EIGHT YEARS since their last studio album, Human After All, was released. So it comes as no surprise that people shit their pants with excitement whenever somebody fabricates/leaks/substantiates a rumour about the French maestros, and if you're a fan or even vaguely interested in electronic music/music in general, you'd know that the Daft Punk rumour mill is in constant motion. That means a lot of shit in a lot of pants.

Whether it's Coachella, a world tour announcement, or a bogus track that was apparently found wedged down the back of Thomas Bangalter's Nan's couch, the world is never short of some daft bullshit. Even though it's definite we'll be seeing an album this year (in May according to The Guardian), the details are murky. It's confirmed the boys have been working with some pretty incredible people including Giorgio Moroder, Nile Rodgers, Chilly and Paul Williams, but in what capacity we just don't know. It's all good though, we're not angry at them. In fact, it only adds to our love for them. Nothing worse than seeing a trailer for a movie you've been fanging to see only to have all the good bits spoiled, right? 

Anyway, we thought it'd be fitting to add our own fuel to the fire and contemplate what rumours we'd like to hear about DP. Who knows, maybe some of them might even catch on. And for all those fellow fans out there, we've included Pete Tong's BBC1 interview with Guy and Thomas which is definitely REAL. 

1. DAFT PUNK DOCO - This isn't just a rumour we'd like to hear, it's A FACT we'd like to hear. It's been a long time in the making and we know it undermines the whole enigmatic robot vibe, but get Michel Gondry onto this shit, pronto. In the meantime, if you speak French, this is as close we'll get for now.

2. HOUSE PARTY TOUR - So, we're still not 100% sure if Murray's house party tour went ahead but even if it didn't, the fact that it was a possibility made us very happy and made us think about how incredibly awesome it'd be if DP did the same thing. All you would have to do is put up a sign in your window saying 'We <3 Robots' and Daft Punk might fly into your house on a giant pyramid bearing gifts of camembert and Beaujolais.

 3. HOSTING SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE - Not sure exactly how this one would work, but it'd awesome nonetheless. They could even be the musical guests as well. Not sure how their opening monologue would go as most human beings don't speak binary

 4. NEXT LIVE PERFORMANCE WILL BE BEAMED FROM LIVE FROM SPACE - This would blow everyone's minds to tiny little pieces. And it's not even that ridiculous of an idea. Imagine, Richard Branson gets on board, funds the construction of a an actual pyramid shaped space station that then gets fired into the cosmos where the duo circle the earth for a bit and then rip out a two hour live performance in zero gravity. 

 5. DAFT PUNK ARE SOUNDTRACKING AND APPEARING IN TARANTINO'S NEXT FILM - This is actually two rumours that we'd love to hear: QT is putting his own spin on the Sci-Fi genre for his next film and he's enlisting DP to soundtrack it. And cameo in it of course. Everything about that would be incredible. EVERYTHING.
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