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The Farrelly Brothers Mixtape

11 OCT 2012 | Posted By: NickJ

The Farrelly Brothers Mixtape

The Farrelly Brothers Mixtape
The Farrelly Brothers Mixtape
The Farrelly Brothers Mixtape
The Farrelly Brothers Mixtape
The Farrelly Brothers Mixtape
The Farrelly Brothers Mixtape
The Farrelly Brothers Mixtape
The Farrelly Brothers Mixtape
The Farrelly Brothers Mixtape
Underdogs fighting for acceptance, fart and poo jokes, dysfunctional families, unlikely love stories, real-life handicapped people and of course, uplifting mainstream soundtracks; these are a few core ingredients that go together to make a Farrelly Brother's film. Rock, pop, old and new, Peter and Bobby don't discriminate. Music is a huge part of their style and it brings a universality to the films as they're pretty friendly and often evoke a guilt free sing along.

So go on, turn up the volume and sing along!
There's Something About Mary: 'Build Me Up Buttercup' - The Foundations

There's Something About Mary: 'History Repeating' - Propellorheads

Dumb and Dumber: 'New Age Girl' - Deadeye Dick

Dumb and Dumber: 'Butthole Surfers' - The Hurdy Gurdy Man

King Pin: 'Superman' - Goldfinger

King Pin: 'The Sound of Silence' - Simon & Garfunkel

Shallow Hal: 'Good Fortune' - PJ Harvey

Shallow Hal: 'Too Young' - Phoenix

Stuck On You: 'It's Raining Men' - Weather Girls
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