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Look Hear volume two - new, free and good

24 JUL 2010 | Posted By: Marisa

Look Hear volume two - new, free and good

Cut Copy
John Legend
Kid Kudi
Major Lazer
Mayer Hawthorne
Nicki Minaj
The Roots
Let us start this week’s Look Hear with the video to blue-eyed soul man Mayer Hawthorne’s 'Your Easy Lovin’ Ain’t Pleasin’ Nothin’, featuring a questionable lime green shirt and synchronized dance moves:

Cut Copy announced that they are hard at work on their as-yet untitled third album. However they did dangle some cheese in front of all those electro pop-inclined noses, as reported earlier this week. For all y’all who loved 'Where I’m Going' enough to put it on your iPod, you can download the track from their website for free.

The explicit version of Kid Cudi’s (who is making a quasi-'comeback' after being charged for knocking down an unidentified woman’s door and also possessing liquid cocaine) 'Erase Me' surfaced earlier this week in anticipation of his album Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Rager. It features Kanye West and we cannot promise it is very good. But curious ones can download that here. [via Nah Right]

As we also told you earlier, the track 'Wake Up Everybody' has been leaked from the John Legend and the Roots’ upcoming collabo album Wake Up!, out September 12th. As well as these two ‘entities’ (whoever can think of a better word may or may not win a prize), 'Wake Up Everybody' features Melanie Fiona and Common, who apparently is trying to get more in touch with the ‘kids these days’. You can download the track here [via Spine Magazine]

We went pretty ape last week for the new Mount Kimbie album, Crooks And Lovers. Here is a video for the track 'Would Know' lifted from the LP:

Major Lazer has a new EP coming out next week titled Lazers Never Die, and in the vein of a recent trend, it is streaming on their MySpace. Thom Yorke jumps on remix duties and scores the top amount of track plays for the entire release.

Slum Village sadly broke up but not-so-sadly are releasing their first album in five years, Villa Manifesto, next week. This is the video for 'Reunion Pt. 2' featuring Dilla’s little bro Illa J:

Fat Joe did a Guru tribute that you can download here off DJ Premier’s blog. It’s hard to tell whether Fat Joe is relevant anymore or not, but for what it’s worth his album The Darkside Vol. 1 is dropping next week.

The Pitchfork Festival happened last weekend, and while most of us probably weren’t there, luckily there are archived recordings to help us feel like we were. Behold the recordings of Animal Collective front-man Panda Bear’s set coming to us from the trusted Gorilla Vs. Bear.

At this stage the Klaxons are vying for 2010’s ‘best cover art, possibly ever’ award with this. Surfing The Void will be out August 20th in Australia and August 23rd in the US. This is the video for their single 'Echoes':

Apparently ‘witch house’ is a genre these days. Don’t believe the hype? This mixtape from new label Tri-Angle proves it. It’s dedicated to Lindsay Lohan going to jail (ie:. doing covers of her 'songs' – 'songs' is in quotes because we don’t quite believe she has proper musical ability). Also we guess this mixtape kinda relates to the fact that Spank Rock said that her cooch “looks like a baby rat”.

The new XLR8R magazine is out, and free, and available here.

And finally, the new Nicki Minaj 'Your Love video:

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Action Bronson drops new track 'Terry'
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Comments on this Post
There are "2" comment(s) on "Look Hear volume two - new, free and good"

Respect Katie
Nicki Minaj sampling Annie Lennox was a good idea.
Katie  -  4 years ago
Reply  |  Report
Respect -Mikolai-
Hate to say it but I'm liking Mayer Hawthorne less and less with every new single. Maybe So, Maybe No is still the best thing he's done.
-Mikolai-  -  4 years ago
Reply  |  Report

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