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Mad Decent Creative Director Paul Devro
"As far as new music, I'm in Japan right now because I feel it's all about positive music in 2014-15 and ...more
INTERVIEW Posted By: Annabanana
Mar 19 2014
Interview with Warpaint's Theresa Wayman
"We have a lot of demos and ideas, but as far as the finished product goes... We have so much inside of u...more
INTERVIEW Posted By: Annabanana
Feb 07 2014
Interview with Danny Brown
“I would like it to be listened to [from] start to end, but you don’t have to. If you want to listen to S...more
INTERVIEW Posted By: NickJ
Oct 22 2013

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Helmet's Page Hamilton
It’s a perverse relief to discover Helmet is hardly any better understood than when the four-piece first ...more
INTERVIEW Posted By: NickJ
Oct 18 2013
DJ Falcon
"For people getting into dance music today it’s very easy to listen to a lot of music and to be saturated...more
INTERVIEW Posted By: NickJ
Sep 24 2013
Freddie Gibbs
“I grew up on 17th and Virginia Street. I don’t know if you want to Google Map that shit but it ain’t som...more
INTERVIEW Posted By: NickJ
Sep 21 2013
Top fives with Flight Facilities
Flight Facilities co-pilot Hugo Gruzman dished out some Top Fives and let a certain cat out of of a new s...more
INTERVIEW Posted By: NickJ
Sep 19 2013
Interview with Kele
We suggest reading this interview in a sauna, with a flagon of hot Rekorderlig, while a sweaty Swede thra...more
Aug 17 2013
CSS's Luiza Sa
CSS's Luiza Sá talks Vagisil, Sophia Coppola and their new album.more
Jul 03 2013
Hello! I hope you're doing very well :) I stumbled...
Mariana Morale
A reality that has it's own reason de etre ,it's o...
My favorite longest song is: "Mirror of Souls" by ...
Kelly Hor
Food is what we love and a new recipe must try. Th...

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That's not Sally, that's Patty. http://peanuts.wik...
Hi guys Just having a look around to make some mat...
German stormtroopers of the PostP-opera; a boomera...
Martin Werne
Vincent Chase is the only Aquaman...
Mike Whitne
Lucas Grogan paints and stitches conversations
Lucas Grogan paints and stitches conversations