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Interview with Rodrigo Gorky from Brazil's Bondê do Role

27 NOV 2010 | Posted By: Em-T

Interview with Rodrigo Gorky from Brazil's Bondê do Role

Bonde do Role
Bonde do Role
Bonde do Role
Bonde do Role
Bonde do Role
Bonde do Role Gasoline
Bonde do Role with ex-member Marina
Bonde do Role's Bonds Ad
Bonde do Role's Bonds Ad
Bonde do Role's ex-Marina Gasolina
Remember that song 'Gasolina'? Of course you do. Parents groups went ca-ray-zeee over that one. Just in case you don't.... Here are some ladies in undies.

Rodrigo Gorky from the fun-loving and unashamedly silly Brazilian set behind the song, Bondê do Role, is in town this weekend for Smirnoff's Brazilian extravaganza party. Turns out the group's had quite a couple of interesting years since last infiltrating our soundwaves with infectious funk-carioca inspired electronica.

They've split with their founding member, vocalist Marina, in 2008 but have gained two new hotties via a Brazilian MTV search. According to Wikipedia (ever reliable source of information that it is), one of the entrants, Laura, won because she pulled "a piece of meat from her genitals," which in Pedro D'Eyrot's thoughts showed "the spirit of the band." Lifelounge recently spoke to Bonde do Role's other founding member, Rodrigo Gorky, to find out just how classy these South Americans can be.

Emilia Terzon: Hello! When did you land in Sydney?
Rodrigo Gorky: Ohhhh don’t even talk about it! We went from San Paulo to Miami to L.A. to Brisbane and then finally to Sydney. It was almost a two day journey but we finally got here yesterday.

ET: Sounds gross. How’s the jetlag?
RG: We’re actually not that jetlagged at all. We were just in the pool at the hotel and we’re feeling good. But we did just get up at 5pm though...

ET: Are you going to play us your upcoming album [at the show]?
RG: Yeah… It’s due out next year so we’re going to preview you it. We’re actually planning on finishing the recording on a stop-over in America on the way home from this trip! So this will be a nice test-out for before the studio.

ET: What sort of tricks you going to do for us?
RG: For this one we are actually planning a range of fun, ridiculous costumes. Seeing as the theme of the party is Brazil, we decided we’re going to dress up as special icons with a special story! But if I tell you more it’ll ruin it, so I think you’ll have to wait to see us on Saturday...

ET: What other Brazilian acts should we be listening out for? I must admit that I don’t know much about your country’s music…
RG: Well, obviously the acts that are headlining Saturday. But I do really love Holger at the moment. It’s like our country’s answer to Vampire Weekend. There’s also a few other acts that we’ve been collaborating with.

ET: Australians most notably know your sounds from the song Gasolina which was the centre of a censorship debate.
RG: Oh… yes. The naughty song!

ET: Ha! Yes. People complained about it on the Bonds commercial and said it was sexually explicit. The prudes ended up changing it to an instrumental version!
RG: 'Gasolina' wasn’t even that rude! There are so many worse songs out there that are so much more explicit. Think about 50 Cent’s song 'Candy Shop' and how he “wants you to lick his lollypop”. That man is not talking about candy! It was kind of the same thing with 'Gasolina'… except we were talking about gorillas and monkeys.

ET: But were you really talking about animals, Gorky?
RG: Well… Yeah!? [laughs] But people thought it was dirty… A five-year-old could’ve listened to it though and thought it was innocent. And that’s the fun thing!

ET: Do you like a bit of a sexual undertone?
RG: Well, the thing with 'Gasolina' is that it wasn’t actually the song which we thought was sexual off that album! That was the one that got picked by Domino Records as the single because it didn’t have bad language. It was just funny!

ET: Yeah, is it your main goal to make people laugh through your music?
RG: It’s all in fun! We don’t want to save the world or make people think about big issues about society. We just like to sing about the funny things that happen to us, and want people to go out dancing to us all night. We just want people to have fun.

ET: What’s the best thing somebody in the audience can do to show you they’re having fun?
RG: The crowd usually responds really well. There were people recently that all got naked. Do you reckon people will respond well on Saturday?

ET: Well, I hope there’s people getting nude!
RG: I hope so too! But we’ll see how many people get naked.

ET: Maybe that can be your new rating scale? The more people that get naked, the better you performed?
RG: [laughs] Yeah! If people are taking their shirts off and getting crazy, that’s a good thing. But if they get totally naked… we can say it’s something special and it is clearly an amazing show.

ET: I like this system. You’re also working on another album which is more traditional samba. Can you explain what this music is like?
RG: Oh….That is just so hard to explain!

ET: I know! But the most that the majority of Australians really know about Latin American music is this latest Zumba fitness class craze. And dancing with middle-aged fat ladies isn’t really that sexy….
RG: What? Zumba! Z-U-M-B-A?

ET: Don’t ask. It’s pretty bad. I may have done it a couple of times...
RG: I bet. Well… I don’t even know how to explain what samba is. I think maybe… pole dancing music? No… or maybe music you would have a loud crazy car sale to? Hmmm. I guess you’ll have to wait for Saturday.

Bonde do Role will play the Smirnoff Nightlife Cultural Exchange in Sydney tonight.

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