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The Fashist Manifesto - volume sixty four

05 SEP 2012 | Posted By: sallytabart

The Fashist Manifesto - volume sixty four

Andrej Pejic
Azealia Banks x Mac
Charlotte Dawson
Gwen Stefani
Karl Largerfeld
Kate + Rhianna + Stella
Lana Del Rey
Lara Stone
Paris Hilton
Calvin Klein did a pretty shit video featuring Lara Stone for their new 'Push Positive' campaign. Did a team of 28 – 36-year-old advertising guys in their North Face puffa vests and New Balance kicks honestly sit around a pitch meeting and be like, "YEP OK GREAT JOB TEAM NAILED IT"?!

Obviously everyone was snorting K off their iPads at lunchtime and forgot that never ever should you let a model speak on film. I know those enormous breasts must be heavy, but look alive Lara!

Vogue Australia are totes down with the kids, guys. Not only have they been hashtagging* their little hearts out lately, but a few days ago also re-launched vogue.com.au: The Makeover Edition (...their new website). It's rlly rlly good and Editor-In-Chief Edwina McCann should be smug smugging and smirk smirking right about now. She says of the updated online platform, "…the re-launch of vogue.com.au will see it become Australia's number one fashion news source". Um sorry but that is OUR THING. Am I out of a job??

 *side note: auto correct wants this to be changed to "hash tagging". Most creative answer as to what this might involve wins a pony.

One of the more lolz things on the new Vogue website atm is a "Five things you didn't know" about cover girl Lana Del Rey, which obviously includes, "she sleeps in vintage fur". SoOOo quirky! SoOOo unique! (I really like LDR, why does she make me do this?)

Paris Hilton was shot **TOPLESS** for GQ Russia and holy shit, I don’t think there has ever been a more accurate visual representation of Euro Trash. Leave the fashun to the pros (like Gwen Stefani on the cover of Elle UK, wowee!) and maybe stick to DJing beb (plz play more Avicii/Gotye next time).

MSFW had its opening party a few nights ago; hot people wore fashun things. Andrej Pejic continues to make me feel confusing feelings. WHAT KIND OF MAGICAL FAIRY ARE YOU?!
In other news about weeks that are for fashion (#mylife), the very first Australian Indigenous Fashion Week has been announced for September 2013, and Samantha Harris will be the festival ambassador. A+.

Miu Miu released the final installment of their four part fashion film series and it is so freaking lovely I want to kill it and keep it in my freezer so I don’t have to share it with anyone. I mean, what? Ha! Ha ha!

Clearly everyone has heard about the whole Charlotte Dawson vs Internet Troll situation. Is “troll” a thing? I had to Google what FOMO meant two days ago, so obviously I know nothing. Can people stop making such mean Internet words? Thnx.

Apparently Rihanna and Stella McCartney are doing stuff together. “This is intriguing”, says expert in nothing, Sally Tabart.

"Style is all about attitude. Attitude attitude attitude”, says actual fashion expert Iris Apfel in the trailer for the documentary based on her life (which looks incredible). Gotta be fresh. Gotta pick up sum attitude.

Karl has attitude! And another Net-A-Porter collection that has some kewl stuff! I’m choosing to ignore items offensively emblazoned with his silhouette/the fact that it’s called Karlouflage. Stop ruining punning for everyone!

While you’ve got your credit cards out (totally free money, right?) clickety click over to Willow’s newly opened online store. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find cause or motivation to do anything outside the comfort of my bed. Actually, Bassike did open its first Melbourne store in Hawksburn the other day. How many $100 white t-shirts is it okay for a person to own? Don’t answer that. OH and also just quickly M.A.C are releasing their limited edition Yung Rapunxel lipstick made in collaboration with Azealia Banks TODAY. I don’t want to put unrealistic hopes and expectations on an inanimate object, but I’m fairly positive this is going to make me tone up, improve my skin/hair, spoon me to sleep and completely change my life. Pity it seems as though it's only available at the NYC SoHo store. Why does everything happen to me :(

Do you remember when we talked about attitude before? Yeah well, this is what that was all about. No, this is not a dream and you are not having a weird come down. PRETTY PAID PROENZA, BITCH. (Sorry, you are not really a bitch) (maybe you are?) (I'm tired.) THE END.

Converse All Star releases Andy Warhol collection
Derrick Rose releases the D Rose 5 Boost with adidas
adidas Originals X Palace collaboration
Seafolly X Panama collaboration
Alexandra Louise Champion Hackett makes her own fashion
Volley collaborate with Simon Miller
Style tips with Gwen Stefani
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Senior Member SineadStubbins
SineadStubbins  -  2 years ago
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