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The Fashist Manifesto - volume sixty five

12 SEP 2012 | Posted By: NickJ

The Fashist Manifesto - volume sixty five

Alia Wang
Asos Black x Puma
Blake and Ryan
Kate Upton
K-Stew x Vogue
Kylie vs Miley
Liberty Ross
Marc Jacobs
Yayoi Kasuma
The Internet keeps trying to tell me that Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ secret marriage is fashion news. I guess they both look good in clothes? So yeah, that happened. I’ve already polluted this professional news piece with celebrity trash. Are you happy Serena?

Opening Ceremony had their 10-year anniversary and made another video DON’T YOU ROLL YOUR EYES AT ME. Usually I am pretty sceptical about the whole kids-in-fashionz hype, but this thawed even my cold, cruel heart.

An OCTV Fairy Tale from Opening Ceremony on Vimeo.

While we are on kids-in-fashionz, um can you please make your way up to the gallery and see Alaia Wang, aka small child niece of Alexander Wang. Yes, that is a three-year-old wearing Chanel, Nike frees and runway Wang. What a fucking show-off.

A giant statue of Yayoi Kusama has materialised from fashun heaven and was carried by angels to gently land above the entrance of London’s Selfridges, in honour of her collaboration with Louis Vuitton. If this isn’t proof of a higher being then I don’t know what is. I think we should pray.

Anna Dello Russo is fucking crazy man. For those short on time, basically “you need the fashion shower” is what you are going to take away from this. Don’t ask questions. All the gaudy and PVC makes me mentally associate this with a golden shower, and I don’t really want one of those thank you very much.

Kylie vs Miley WHO WORE IT BETTER (who fucking cares) (also obviously Kylie always Kylie).

ASOS Black x Puma make some (empahsis on some) kewl clothes/meh videos. This one is just for da boiz! Don’t ever say I won’t put out for you.

Rookie Magazine had their first anniversary party, at which there were many head braids. Tavi continues to make me scold my 16-year-old self for being too busy lingering outside Safeway Liquor asking strangers to buy me Smirnoff double blacks than to be the number one adolescent role model ever.

Trade union Equity is trying to implement new rules for models, including maximum 10-hour working days, mandatory meals and chaperoning for models under the age of 16. PROTECT THE YOUNG AND THE BEATIFUL.

The online portion of Carine Roitfeld’s new magazine ‘CR Fashion Book’ is up, revealing Kate Upton as covergurl. I don’t know about you but the close proximity of baby chickens to enormous suffocating cleavage makes me feel really uneasy. But let’s not distract ourselves from what is important here.

Kristen Stewart looks hot in Vogue UK. Shame on her!

Meanwhile Liberty Ross (the wife of the guy K-Stew banged) walked for Alexander Wang. Ummm have you seen her?! I feel really sad that people this hot get cheated on (or anyone I guess??)

Wowee, this week’s post is getting a lot of Wang. Like, it’s pretty heavy on the Wang. You could say it’s a well-hung Wang (just go with it). I almost had to omit this completely because I am too emotionally involved but HOLY SHIT can we please talk about Alexander Wang’s NYFW (New York Fashion Week, jerk) show for a second? Actually, don’t think. Just gif.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Diane Von Furstenburg
models wore ‘Google glasses’, which are essentially what I would have drawn when I was 10 if someone asked me to show what “future fashion” would look like. Apparently they can take and display videos/photos and show text messages. Is it really that hard to pick up your freaking iPhone mate? I h8 techno change can we all just chill out and play snake or something.

Marc Jacobs does stripes, no pants, blah, boring. But Ricky Martin was there, so that’s a plus.

UM I think some other stuff happened but it’s really sunny outside and I want to go play. Here is a video of Leandra Medine from Man Repeller et al doing a Fashion Week boot camp and idk if this is funny, I lolled but I haven’t eaten in 3 days so I can look like Erin Wasson in #WANG. IT’S A WANG, WANG WORLD. THE END.
Derrick Rose releases the D Rose 5 Boost with adidas
adidas Originals X Palace collaboration
Seafolly X Panama collaboration
Alexandra Louise Champion Hackett makes her own fashion
Volley collaborate with Simon Miller
Style tips with Gwen Stefani
Animal skull CT scans 3D-printed into jewellery
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Senior Member SineadStubbins
SineadStubbins  -  2 years ago
Reply  |  Report
Senior Member sallytabart
nothing like a couple of smirnoff double blacks and a park party <3
sallytabart  -  2 years ago
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