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The Fashist Manifesto - volume six

09 JUL 2011 | Posted By: Em-T

The Fashist Manifesto - volume six

Acne Paper 12
Aloha Rag's 20th anniversary Cons
Jack White and Karen Elsom at Kate Moss' wedding
Jessica Stam
Ksubi Eyewear new editorial
Lady Gaga as Cruelle De Ville in Taiwan
Ron Weasley and Hermoine 'carrot legs' Granger
Saint Alfred spring-summer 2011
Stylestalker preview
This week's two pillars of the fashion industry takes form in a runway featuring Kanye's squeeze. Shoes + Naked Models. (NSFW)

SCANDAL! Turns out John Galliano still has one friend. Kate Moss stuck by him as designer of her wedding dress last weekend. (But his career is officially still never, ever, ever recovering. Apparently.)

Uncle Terry also took 'casual' snaps at the three-day gala. Jack White and Karen Elson are officially babesPaul McCartney, on the other hand, just looks plain paranoid.

Speaking of paranoia, Ksubi has been building themselves tin-foil hats to keep out the alien voices. The editorial for their new eyewear range is strangely cool.

BEARDS. We know you love them. And so does American men's label Comune... in a sort of creepy, ominous way. 

Other threads with beards are from Saint Alfred. What sounds like an old man's guardian angel is actually very contemporary.

Also for the men (and the ladies if you so please) are these 20th birthday shoes for Hawaiian retailer
Aloha Rag by Converse. They're amazing and not too exey. 

But just in case you feel like splashing out with the cash, gentlemen, there is this debut line by high-end ladies label Jimmy Choo in tandem with Mr Porter. The jury's still out...

Are you feeling slightly touchy about having achieved nothing of significance despite being in your mid-to-late 20s? Yeah, um, us neither... Anyways don't read Acne Paper's latest issue if this is you. It's beautiful but focuses solely on really young achievers, such as models, designers, artists and violin virtuosos. You can read it online here.

Also in the publishing world is 
She's been guest editing Dazed & Confused for their 200th edition. There's unfortunately no swan outfits in sight.

But just in case high-end style isn't your thing, here's the Icelandic goddess versus Greek accents in the singer's best fashion moments. 

Less '90s awesome is this video lookbook by Australian label Bassike that was just released for spring/summer 2011-12. It's quite subdued, dreamy and full of (surprise) basics.

Lovely local label for the ladies (alliteration is fun) 
MinkPink also has this brand-spanking new video for Summer. 

Also Australian is local model Alexandra Spencer. She is le smoking hot for Stylestalker. Check out a sneak peek of the collection here.

More demure is debut local label Wet and Wendy who you can look at on their website. The punny label makes fashionable wares for a rainy day.

Another Melbourne-based fashion name, Alice Euphemia, has just launched an online store. There is some awesome stuff in there, including lamb wool that looks like bunny tails. 

Less functional is Lady Gaga. Her fashion is now channeling Disney's Cruella De Ville whilst on tour of the entire Asian continent. Taiwan's PM named July 3rd 'Lady Gaga Day' and heaps of cosplayers imitated her. 1.07 minutes in to the video below is pure YouTube gold.

Also the realm of uber-celebrity is Hermoine Granger (sometimes referred to as Emma Watson). The little lady stole the crowd with a designer dress, again, at Harry Potter's final film premiere, but also somehow managed to transfigure herself in to a carrot. She should definitely apparate far from the fake-tan in future. [NB: BRING ON MIDNIGHT WEDNESDAY!]
And finally, in last week's vintage runway video model Jessica Stam got duped with the parade's sole un-sexy costume: a weird amputee-like bell. It turns out this armless casting by VIctoria's Secret is a little bit of a trend. Here's another struggling Jessica and many other Angels in another year's show.
Converse All Star releases Andy Warhol collection
Derrick Rose releases the D Rose 5 Boost with adidas
adidas Originals X Palace collaboration
Seafolly X Panama collaboration
Alexandra Louise Champion Hackett makes her own fashion
Volley collaborate with Simon Miller
Style tips with Gwen Stefani
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