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The Fashist Manifesto - volume seventy six

28 NOV 2012 | Posted By: sallytabart

The Fashist Manifesto - volume seventy six

Biebs and Steven Harper
Cara Delevigne
Carla Bruni
Casey Legler
Lonely Hearts
Opening Ceremony Resort
Ruth Wilson
Saskia de Brauw
Stella McCartney
Victoria's Secret sketches
Last week Justin Bieber met Canadian Prime Minister Steven Harper and wore unbuttoned overalls, a white t-shirt and a backwards cap. He might as well have pulled out a slingshot and initiated a game of kiss chasey, SO SLOPPY BIEBS. Later tweeted “I hope you hate my style”. Chill out Lady Gaga.

Although the show won’t air until December 4th (otherwise known as "stay away from media in all its forms" day), some sketches have been released of outfits in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. My feelings towards these cover a scale between “meh” and “ugh”.

Remember how we talked about Kendall Jenner being the covergirl for Miss Vogue issue #3? Here is a video of the shoot. She is fash equivalent to a bowl of white rice with a sachet of soy sauce...pretty bland and uninteresting (no hard feelings towards rice and soy sauce, love u guys). 

While looking for !! hot goss !! for this week's Fashist Manifesto, Vogue.com.au tried to make me read an article called "What To Wear On A Cruise". I feel isolated. 

Watch this trailer for HBO's new documentary, In Vogue: An Editor's Eye if you want to know how it feels to be intimidated by scary fashion ladies.

Yoko Ono is collaborating with Opening Ceremony to make “Fashions For Men”, bringing to life a series of sketches she drew for John Lennon inspired by “his sexy bod” (direct quote).  Sexy bods are fantastic and this partnership is the best idea eva… see above gallery for a sample of the collection that include crotch-grabbing pants. Fuck da haters, I'm into them. There is just not enough crotch grabbing going on these days. 

In more Opening Ceremony news, their resort lookbook is A+. It made me realise that I don’t really want to go to India at the end of the year and would much rather cash in my flights for a PVC jacket, so I feel pretty great about it. 

Carla Bruni was on the cover of French Vogue and said, “I’m not at all an active feminist….on the contrary. I’m a bourgeois. I love my family life, I love doing the same thing every day”. Ignoring the fact that I will never not have to Google the meaning of bourgeois, JUDGING U.

You know who is defs not a bourgeois (will continue inappropriate use of this word until I get it right)? Ruth Wilson. I don’t actually know who she is, but she is bringing back pants underneath dresses and I like that quality in a person.

Bitch-facing is out of control however, after watching this teaser for the video Terry Richardson shot for Lady Gaga called "Cake". It's about cake. Kind of. 

Saskia de Brauw wore menswear for YSL, and female ex-olympic swimmer Casey Legler signed with Ford as a male model. If you are not a modelling clothing for the opposite sex these days, you may as well be the mum on supermarket Christmas shopping ad. So generic. 

New Zealand lingerie brand of your dreams Lonely Hearts launched their online store last week! I bought something from there the other day and can confirm you should too unless you want me to get ALL of the boiz. 

Hahahahahaha lolololol apparently Brad Pitt "kind of liked" his embarrassing ad for Chanel No. 5. Yep, we all would kind of like 7 million dollars too. 

TYRA BANKS CONTINUES TO SCARE ME ON A WEEKLY BASIS. Apparently she is set to reprise her role as Eve in the sequel to the 2000 made-for-TV movie, Life-Size. Smile and hand over your money to the nice lady!!! 

The British Fashion Awards were on last night, and everything happened the way you thought it would:

Alexa Chung got a British Style Award (no shit).

Cara Delevigne won Model of the Year (I give her 6 months until we get bored) .

Stella McCartney was named Designer of the Year (obvs).

Jonathon Saunders received Emerging Talent Award for Menswear (yay!).

I'm running out of different ways to say people won stuff and I'm sure you know how to use Google. 

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