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The Fashist Manifesto - volume fourteen

03 SEP 2011 | Posted By: Em-T

The Fashist Manifesto - volume fourteen

10.Deep's new collection
Alexa Chung in Australia
BAPE collaborating with Star Wars
Gemma Ward in The Great Gatsby remake
Jesse J and bedazzled boot at the VMAs
Katy Perry and pink hair rinse awesomness at the VMAs
Ksubi's new collection preview
Nicky Minaj at the VMAs
Nicole Trunfio headlines Perth Fashion Week
Nicole Trunfio headlines Perth Fashion Week
This week we start off with local model Nicole Trunfio in a new barely there editorial.

The WA born model has just been announced as the chief "asset" for Perth Fashion Festival 2011 this month, probably because, as that lovely Kurv Magazine shoot showed, she has great, erm, assets. 

Another WA bred model, Gemma Ward, has also been cast in the Baz Luhraman remake of The Great Gatsby which has just started filming in Australia. 

The internet went crazy when another model and style icon, Alexa Chung, touched down in Sydney this week. At the press junket she told crowds that her iconic shaggy bob is due to her having "massive ears and thin hair". Our hearts totally bleed for her...

Whilst on the topic of hair: this recent documentary by icon Vidal Sassoon is screening at ACMI's Men of Fashion series this month. 

Turning the Australian industry on its head, apparently scantily clad young models are OK to model food ads but not fashion campaigns, says the Advertising Standards Board after complaints were lodged against Roger David and Nando's

Meanwhile we're just trying to make the connection between burlesque dancers and fried chicken.

Sad news this week that high end local chain, Belinda, has been placed in voluntary administration. We're sending get well soon cards.

A label the luxury stores stock, Lanvin, is taking a light hearted approach this week with a new campaign for 2012. 

Sick of celebrity perfumes? This week there's many weird fashion collaborations that whiff of money making.

First up is BAPE who are releasing a Star Wars capsule later this month. 

Opening Ceremony is also collaborating with The Muppets (ZOMG) after inviting Miss Piggy down to their runway recently. This collection is also due in September.  

And then Chanel's sensationally strange head designer, Karl Lagerfeld, is teaming up with none other than Snoop Dogg. No word yet on what the sound will be like but we truly hope it involves "hemp inspired" clothing.

Not to be outshone (literally) is fashion royalty and tan enthusiast Valentino Garavani. At the age of 79 he's looking in to the possibility of his own biographical Broadway production. 

American Apparel is searching for a thesaurus this week after receiving heat for its new peer-judged plus size model competition. They used the word "big" just one too many times, and now have their very own cartoon thanks to Taiwan's Next Media Animation.

Whatever the implications of AA's The Next Big Thing competition, there's no denying this entrant is pure, unadulterated, heaven. 

Product spruik of the week: Heel Condoms. No, seriously, actual product name. To stop your shoes getting up the duff...

More traditional is Ksubi's next collection preview. It's very on trend with leopard prints and military green styling. (Check out the gallery.)

American brand 10.Deep is going for something a little more usual with roadkill inspired photography

Music break! Turns out that Rihanna is wearing homegrown women's label, Evil Twin, in her latest video clip. 

Local label Sosume has a crazy sale this week with up to 80 per cent off

Wet and Wendy are also heralding in Spring with discounts across their umbrella range. 

Another umbrella brand, Starkweather, is engaging in less conventional marketing with this new NSFW campaign. Simply spectacular. 

Broken an appendage recently? Not to worry! Stick some diamonds on there. Singer Jesse J did just this at the VMAs this week, with the awesome medical equivalent of vagina bedazzaling. 

Katy Perry and Nicky Minaj however just encrusted everything. It's now really only a matter of time before pink grandma washes start trending.

And then Britney Spears just looked, um, vaguely classy in a subdued black cocktail dress. WTF? Just quietly: we want double denim Britters back. 
Converse All Star releases Andy Warhol collection
Derrick Rose releases the D Rose 5 Boost with adidas
adidas Originals X Palace collaboration
Seafolly X Panama collaboration
Alexandra Louise Champion Hackett makes her own fashion
Volley collaborate with Simon Miller
Style tips with Gwen Stefani
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