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The Fashist Manifesto - volume four

25 JUN 2011 | Posted By: Em-T

The Fashist Manifesto - volume four

Facetasm spring-summer 2012
Fred Butler
Gemma Ward
JJ Villard versus Stussy
John Galliano and Natalie Portman
Lady Gaga's Edge of Glory by Versace
Lazy Oaf and Fred Bare
Missoni and Converse
Missy Piggy as French Vogue Editor
Nicole Trunfio for Lovecat
First up, a new magazine called Lovecat just launched. We'll make no judgement calls on what its name is a euphemism for, but these shots of Nicole Trunfio tied up and starkers for its first fashion editorial may give you a hint.

Another model closer to home, the Perth-born
Gemma Ward, randomly came in at #13 on Reader's Digest Most Trusted People 2011 list this week. She ranked alongside cancer researchers, burns specialists and other people who, you know, save lives on a daily basis. She also totally overshadowed other super honest people, like Tony Abbott.

One dude we're sure didn't make the list is
John Galliano. The designer appeared in French court yesterday over "those" comments where he blamed booze and drugs for his anti-semitic rants. Rumour is that Mel Gibson is his personality witness.

Big news this week is that chain retailer
H&M – who are coming to Australia very soon – have announced an upcoming diffusion line by Versace.

Versace's head designer / Oompa Loompa,
Donatella, also just dressed Lady Gaga for her new videoclip, 'The Edge Of Glory'. The duo now want to do a fashion line together. Hooray! Orange leotards for all!

More classy is this fashion documentary chronicling the evolution of the humble tee.
The T-Shirt Stories debuts on French TV next week but is set for overseas video release soon. It features American Apparel's Dov Charney, Daniel Johnston, Jim Philips, Tony Alva, Pedro Busy P Winter, and the Cobra Snake. We're genuinely excited.

But, just in case you're still stuck wondering how a tee-shirt is made in the meantime,
Bassike has this handy new How-To Guide.

You know what? No designer sale information for you this week. You've got smarts. It's end-of-financial-year sale time and practically everything, including that hooker at the end of your street, is 75% off. 

(OK. Fine. Here's 
a headstart.)

There are a lot of good collaborations this week, starting with Missoni and 
Converse. The result is trippy shoes for men that look like socks your Grandma knitted. In a good way. 

Also teaming up is Nicky Minaj's
 fave costume jewellery designer Fred Butler, who has produced these these minxy gems in tandem with Lazy Oaf.

There's also more costume jewellery... for your nipples.This street shot by 
People In London is the epitome of awesome. 

Whilst we're celebrating the suggestively sexual, this new men's collection by 
Facetasm is as good as coming on someone's face.

But back to thinking of the children. This next clip is simply too adorabubble to function. Just announced is that 
Miss Piggy will play the Editor of French Vogue in the next Muppet Movie

Speaking of pigs and fashion: only in Russia.

Also in the realm of kid's films is illustrator
JJ Villard, who has worked on films in the Shrek empire. This is his latest collaboration with Stussy.

In high-end stakes, Maison Martin Margiela have released their new lookbook. The lined jacket in this shot is awesome and makes us want to start up a third-world child trafficking business or something to be able to afford it.

Also high couture is 
Blake Lively
 in a beautiful Chanel couture gown. It appears as if she's back to wearing clothing again. Five gold stars. 

Not so good is
Zooey Deschanel. It appears that a dog pooped brunette curls on her head this week. 

Meanwhile, we have no idea what pooped on Prada. Gentlemen, floral baggy greens are in this season.  

Speaking of sport, tennis players still have no clue.
Wimbledon started this week and with it comes many hilarious off/on court fashion crossovers, starting with this red-carpet doozy by Bethanie Mattek-Sands. Yes. She is dressed as a tennis ball. 

 "Beauty road test – colonic irrigation." (NB: Winner of the non-fashion category goes to "‎'Man found guilty of killing gay flatmate with 8kg platypus statue following nude proposition". People, please remember to style yourself appropriately before committing a murder.)

And to finish, pro-surfer Warren Smith has just released a collaboration with Insight. "The Church" collection is nicely smooth and should give all lady readers (and some men) plenty excuse to close their eyes to the below song and imagine Smith naked. 

Derrick Rose releases the D Rose 5 Boost with adidas
adidas Originals X Palace collaboration
Seafolly X Panama collaboration
Alexandra Louise Champion Hackett makes her own fashion
Volley collaborate with Simon Miller
Style tips with Gwen Stefani
Animal skull CT scans 3D-printed into jewellery
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