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The Fashist Manifesto - volume forty-four

15 APR 2012 | Posted By: Em-T

The Fashist Manifesto - volume forty-four

Band of Ousiders does sudoko
Bar Refaeli plays tennis
D&G has a Woody
Girls run the world
Karl gifts Adele apologetic bags
Marni loves ex-prisoners and chairs
Stussy loves feminism
Tavi is awesome
The Queen loves her hat
Beauty Vlogger Boot Camp. It's a reality series and it exists. The ANTM-style show is essentially the cosmetics industry equivalent of McDonalds: it's mildly addictive and coated in sugar, but will eventually wind up killing you.

Surprise, surprise: Raf Simons is officially the new creative director of Dior. He says “femininity” will reign at his house of Dior, “because it’s beautiful, endless and permanent", i.e. we're all going to be wearing frothy lacy creations in six months time.

Another luxury label, Marni, has teamed up with ex-Colombian prisoners to produce a line of chairs. (That is not a euphemism for a drug cartel based on the exploitation of slave labour, but we're sure Marni could somehow make that cool too.)

WHO RUN THE WORLD? Girls. Sportwear dominator Nike also wants to dominate it, but we're not quite sure of its chances as long as Hillary Clinton is still alive and in possession of at least one opposable thumb.

Lovable talk show host Ellen is officially the new Oprah after gifting Aussie supermodel Miranda Kerr a truly ridiculous present: an angel wing baby carrier. (No word on free cars for the audience, though.)
video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

MBAFW (aka the fashion festival that follows LMFF) has released its schedule for its launch on April 30, however, rumour according to Oyster Magazine is that some big brands are planning to pull out. UPDATE: Dion Lee AND Josh Goot have now pulled out.

Yes, this shit actually happens and it makes mainstream news headlines: the girlfriend of a radio jock you've never heard of has been kicked out of a Myer racing marquee, after she dared to wear the same gold Ellery top as one its (apparently quite sloshed) ambassadors. 

Still in racing attire: how chuffed is HRH The Queen aka Grandma Lizzy in this fabulous sunhat that looks like a bright blue saucepan???

Israeli model Bar Refaeli has launched her own lingerie range. Naturally this means she is now playing tennis in her undies to a soundtrack that sounds strangely like Flight of The Conchords.

Still on the topic of inappropriate nudity: the Amsterdam wing of Stussy has launched a Facebook campaign that sees a female model strip her clothes off for more user 'Likes'. YAY, FEMINISM2012.

Local fashion labels White Suede, Pilgrim, and (little old lady brand) Anthea Crawford have been accused of paying their garment makers half the legal AWARD rate, according to ABC News 24. We have no further information, as all that's cropping up on Google is that these brands dress the cast of The View. This is also quite troublesome.

The poor man's Bill Murray, Hollywood pop artist, Ed Ruscha, is the latest celebrity to appear in a Band of Outsiders polaroid lookbook. It's no Ron Weasley/Draco Malfoy, but there is sudoko, a rubik's cube, and monochrome puffy parka jackets.

The duo behind Dolce & Gabbana, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, are cameoing in Woody Allen's next film, To Rome With Love. Meanwhile, this recently happened in Taiwan. 

Karl Lagerfeld has stuck his head just that little bit further up Adele's arse by apologising (yet again) for calling her "a little bit fat" last year. This time around he's doing it with bags. An entire collection of bags dedicated to the singer. 

According to WWD, the surging demand for "fashion, colour and performance is creating a new level of sex appeal in the men’s underwear arena". We have zero idea what "performance" refers to in this instance, but we sincerely hope this trend signals the demise of silky boxers and saggybum Y-fronts.

And last, the prodigious teenage fashion blogger, Tavi Gevinson, has teamed up with fashion label Wren and Sofia Coppola's neice, Gia Coppola. Even better, however, is her recent talk for TEDxTeen on feminism for teenage girls.
Style Tips with The Crypt Keeper
Nike re-releases the De La Soul Dunk
HAIM, The Vaccines and more Live in Levi's®
Tim and Eric go haute couture
Converse All Star releases Andy Warhol collection
Derrick Rose releases the D Rose 5 Boost with adidas
adidas Originals X Palace collaboration
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