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Sally Tabart

Sally Tabart - Fashist Dictator

Lifelounge contributor. Expert in hanging out. Constant haver of crushes.


POSTED BY sallytabart ON 19 SEP 2012 @ 11:51 AM
Holy mackerel! Take a bite out of this tasty treat!

Lucky Prawn is a Melbourne based artist co-op founded by creative wunderkids Laura Clauscen, Fred Mora and Will Rankin, and they want to deliver you special presents right to your door. A subscription based quarterly service, these Prawns have been swimming their little tails off to bring to you a carefully curated selection of innovative and delicious products in one package busting at the seams with goodness, tied up with a bow*.

Preparing morsels from across the Art, Publishing and Design worlds, the contents of the package remain largely a secret until the Lucky Prawn Pack Pick-Up (try saying quickly that after a few too many sakes), which will double as an exhibition of said secret goods, as well as the official collection point. Secrets! Mystery! This is fun!  

I caught up with Laura, Fred and Will at Lucky Prawn HQ, we did a little dance and some magic tricks and I squeezed a few meaty details out of them...

*May not be tied up with a bow. 

Sally Tabart: Hello Prawns!  
Lucky Prawn: Hey Sally! 

ST: What are 6 words or less that explain Lucky Prawn? 
LP: It’s a shrimp’s paradise !! 

ST: Who are three artists I should know about but I probably don’t? 
LP: Kozyndan, Erik van der Weijde and Thomas Jeppe 

ST: If Lucky Prawn were a delicious snack, what would it be?  

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

ST: Do I get Lucky Prawns at other times of the year, or just at Christmas Lunch and fancy dinner dates? 
LP: Lucky Prawns are to be enjoyed all year round Sally! We pick our products fresh and daily at market price, allowing us to stuff more prawn into your pack! 

ST: If we were to go on a date what should I wear?? 
LP: Nada. A naked prawn is a Lucky Prawn. 

ST: If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be? 
LP: We would love to be at the Tokyo Art Book fair this month. Aside from bobbing about zines we would try fit in a visit to art island Naoshima! 

ST: Is it extra lucky if I bite into a Prawn and the shit shoot is still in tact? 
LP: We see it to be very unlucky, that’s why we have worked really hard to make sure all Prawns are 99% shit free! 

ST: Could you please draw what it will feel like to open up the first Prawn Pack?  

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

ST: Will my prawn start to smell if I leave it in the sun? 
LP: Erh.. Only if your prawn already smells. 

ST: What are two good websites for a prawn? 

ST: Do you know what prawn crackers are made of? I don’t!? 
LP: Prawn jackets; washed and tumble dried! 

ST: Could you please explain what your Pack launch party will look like? 

ST: Will you tell me what is in the first Pack if I promise to give you a 10-minute back scratch? (I give really good back scratches). 
LP: Ai Ai captAin… scratch away, but remember, there are three of us. And we want 10 minutes each please : )

Purchase your subscription online now for a measly $75, and be sure to come along to the Lucky Prawn Launch Night next Friday September 28. For more details, email hello@luckyprawn.com, or put a message in a bottle and throw it into the sea. That will also work. 

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
This is a prawn in Vietnamese coleslaw. This was my dinner and is not affiliated with Lucky Prawn, but it was really yummy.  


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