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Pashon Coop

Pashon Coop

A happy-go-lucky guy with the charm of James Bond. daynnightblog.com.

For Now Neill Von Tally

POSTED BY pashoncoop ON 26 NOV 2012 @ 03:37 PM

I met Anthony Villella last September after a Futro Records show. After the show some beat boxing and flowing happened with us and that's the beginning story of how this article came about. I promised him an article ages ago but in due time these things tend to work out. Portland's Neill Von Tally just dropped his album on the 24th. Perfect timing for some quick questions. It's been sometime since an interview, but I love interviews because they really help us see what other artist are doing and how we are all connected in a unified community. 

The album is name your own price to download and feel free to listen as you read.

P : So it's been easily a year since we've seen each other or collaboration a bit. I know you were gone awhile on travels down south of Portland. How was the trip and what was the purpose?

NVT: I think there have been two trips since we last chilled. Man! Well - The first trip was to California with Bobby Bonaparte for Lift Label. We went hunting for shops to carry our new line of threads. It went really well and Lift is still being carried by many of those shops and more! California was hard because I didn't make any music for a month but it was good for Lift Label and we had fun! The other trip was to Cambodia and I could go on a lifetime about that trip. I'll just say that I was extremely surprised by Cambodia. It was beautiful and haunting. Seeing mass grave sites from the genocide as well as seeing a persevering people despite the recent horrific past. Music was a burgeoning scene there and I hope to return for some collaborations in the next year. Beautiful place.

P: Traveling is the key to diversity and what type of collaboration would you like to do there in Cambodia?  

NVT: I'd really like to work with local MC's and producers. Specifically to seek out the music of Cambodia before the Khmer Rouge murdered all the musicians/banned/confiscated records. If we could collaborate on sampling that music and writing something - that'd be pretty interesting and meaningful I think. Plus I'd love to learn from their local styles. 

P:And how is your balance between running a company and making music? 

NVT: I've taken a step back from working on Lift to focus on music, actually. That happened in August, I believe. I found myself slacking off to work on music. Feeling guilty about it all the time and being a crummy business partner - I decided to take the plunge. I enjoy music enough to work on it in one form or another for most of the day, every day.

P:Is this your first album you've dropped on the 24th?

NVT: Yeee! First album with Futro Records just dropped. I've put out online albums unofficially/casually before - but never an album with a label onboard and never with a super fun party!

P: What was your favorite track to make on the For Now album?

NVTFavorite is hard to say. Danca Da Chuva or Pressed were probably the most fun I had while making the album. Due to the nature of the sampling and the circumstances for finding the vinyls mostly.

P: Your'e going to laugh but when I first heard of your artist name I thought to myself how it sounds like a 70's porn star's name. But after looking deeper I saw it's more clever than that. 

NVTIt's Neill Von Tally. 4 L's. Haha. And yes. It's an anagram of my real name + 1 letter from my middle name like a middle initial.

P:Thanks for your time. I hope we can get together and finish some projects when I get back to PDX. Bummer I missed your release party being here in crummy old Florida but I have a feeling there shall be more. One Love

A coming soon Sun & Moon Presentation 


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