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The Purveyor

The Purveyor

When I was little I used to think the world was actually black and white in the old days.

The Galeries Loves T's

POSTED BY NickJ ON 19 SEP 2012 @ 10:57 AM

T-shirts. What of 'em? We all own some, we all wear them, so why should we get excited about them? Because when you get a bunch of talented designers, t-shirt enthusiasts and fashions people excited about them and creating a killer event to celebrate the general awesomeness of the humble tee, you don't wanna miss out. And being excited is a nice feeling anyways. 

Sydney's The Galeries shopping arcade, aMBUSH gallery, T-World honcho Eddie Zammit and a handful of world renowned t-shirt designers are gathering tomorrow night to celebrate their love for the short sleeved garment. 

The Galeries have commissioned six artists including Sydney's Natalie Wood (designer behind Sydney label Something Else) to create original designs to be screen-printed live on the night by Los Angeles outfit HIT+RUN. Peeps will get the chance to score a seriously limited edition t-shirt fresh off the screen printer. 

As well as the live shirt making bizz, T-World's Eddie Zammit (who owns over 4,000 t-shirts, obsessed much?) has donated 200 from his collection which have been made into a large-scale globe instillation that'll hang from the ceiling during the evening.

As well as the T-shirt globe installation and the live HIT+RUN event, CBD workers and shoppers can also visit a new Lane4 exhibition called I love T’s, curated by Zammit and aMBUSH Gallery. Appearing straight off the back of the hugely popular Community Service Announcements exhibition by Jeremyville, ‘I love T’s’ at Lane4 will feature a personal portrait and information by ten international T-shirt labels, including Threadless’ Ross Zietz from Chicago and Mishka’s Greg Rivera from New York.

It's gonna be an awesome event and definitely worth checking out if you're keen on design and especially if you have even the slightest t-shirt inclination. 

HIT+RUN screen printing event: Thursday, 20 September 2012 from 6.00 - 9.00pm
Lane4 exhibition: 20 September – 26 November 2012
@The Galeries, 500 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000


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