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The Purveyor

The Purveyor

When I was little I used to think the world was actually black and white in the old days.

Look Don't Touch

POSTED BY NickJ ON 31 MAY 2012 @ 11:50 AM

There's nothing worse than shit TV commercials, especially considering nearly half of a one hour tv slot is made up of them. Having your attention snatched away from your favorite stories only to have a useless product jammed in your face via some knucklehead's inane diatribe on how amazing they're new preservative free goat stock is, and that through a lame attempt at commercial irony, they're not selling out, sucks immensely. 

However, when a brand gets their shit together and puts together a refreshingly funny, entertaining, tongue-in-cheek piece of creative, we praise Jeebus and beg for more.

Samsung have just launched their new Smart TV brand with a viral ad that displays all the aforementioned qualities. The vid sees Victoria Secret über babe Angela Bellotte in her jocks standing in front of Smart TV waving her hands, which an entire three floors worth of office workers in the building opposite mistake for a sultry summoning, ending up causing a mini riot.

It's not necessarily an example of genius advertising in the same ballpark as Spike Jonze's Ikea lamp ad, but it shows that with a bit of thought and a clear understanding of what makes for entertainment, TV commercials don't have to make you wanna scratch out your eyes. 

In response to Samsung's vid, we've put together our top five favorite ads.

1. Dirt Devil vacuums

2. Snickers w/ Betty White

3. Pepsi - We Will Rock You

 4. Antz Pantz - Sick em Rex


5. Ikea - Spike Jonze


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