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The Purveyor

The Purveyor

When I was little I used to think the world was actually black and white in the old days.

Let Them Eat Cake - Final Lineup Announcement

POSTED BY NickJ ON 02 OCT 2012 @ 09:21 AM
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I gotta admit, when the summer music festival season begins each year, the thought of having to head back to either the Myer Music Bowl, Flemington or the Showgrounds kinda gives me the shits a little. Don't get me wrong, I've been to a bunch of great festivals at a these venues (bring back Birrarung Marr BTW), but it's just getting a bit old is all. So when we first caught wind of a spanking new boutique festival being held at Werribee Mansion, our festive faith was reignited. 

Let Them Eat Cake debuts on New Years Day 2013 at the picturesque mansion and is heralding one of the most exciting underground lineups we've had the pleasure of laying our eyes on. The first round was enough to get the sap rising with the likes of house legend Kerri Chandler, the genre-defying Flying Lotus and his protege The Gaslamp Killer all making their way down for the day fest.

But then this morning, we were blessed with a second and final round announcement that has sealed the deal and confirmed we're gonna have a quiet night in one NYE to make sure we're prepared. 

Joining the gang will be one third of Detroit's Three Chairs outfit and Ugly Edits maestro Theo Parrish, the enigmatic Italian disco duo Tiger & Woods and London-based producer Om Unit. 

It's exciting stuff and proves there's peeps out there who are thinking about the music and the experience when it comes to festivals, not just selling out and filling a racecourse full punters. 

Tickets are on sale now through letthemeatcakenyd.com.au and the first release has already sold out, so hurry yo asses up and get on board. See you at the mansion...

Flying Lotus
Kerri Chandler
The Gaslamp Killer
Theo Parrish
Mathew Jonson LIVE
Space Dimension Controller LIVE
Tiger & Woods
The Nextmen
DJ Marky & Stamina
MC Opiuo
Om Unit
Digital Mystikz (Coki & Mala)
Pearson Sound
Dub Phizix & Strategy
MC Slow Magic


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