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Katie Olsen

Katie Olsen

Former editor of Lifelounge (2008–2012). I like unicorns and discoballs and animated gifs.


Christmas cheer

POSTED BY Katie ON 21 DEC 2011 @ 09:14 AM
According to my background my religion is a blend of Serbian Orthodox, Jewish, Anglican, atheist, and agnostic. So, my family doesn't really get that into Christmas.

But this video has turned it all around. COLOUR ME JOLLY, YOU GUYS.


Ian Strange AKA Kid Zoom SUBURBAN exhibition at NGV Friday 26th July
Ink Dots Black Spots exhibition
Thank you, internet - 'Don't Fuck With Shmyl'
Bully trailer
Da Mental Vaporz Crew show at Rtist Gallery tonight
Lindsay Lohan x Terry Richardson x Love magazine
Pizza saves lives
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