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Nintendo's floating Digital Art Class

This is pretty cool. To celebrate Nintendo's launch of the New Art Academy on 3DS XL they are hosting a floating art class. Sounds weird (and awesome) because it is; the 'Digital Art Class' is taking place out on Sydney Harbour.

It doesn't matter if you're a fine arts student or have never touched a paintbrush, all you need to do is take a photo and then you are given a lesson on how to digitally replicate that image with the new Nintendo software.

The clincher is, acclaimed illustrator, art director and photographer Kelly Thompson will be hosting the event aboard the luxury catamaran. The event will also kickstart a competition for young digital artists where the winner could win a private masterclass with Kelly Thompson.

What? The launch of Nintendo’s New Art Academy and an inspirational floating art class on Sydney Harbour
Who? Artist Kelly Thompson
Where? Catamaran departure from Man ‘O War steps Circular Quay, Sydney
When? 9am sharp Saturday 22nd September


A teaser tralier for Solange Knowles' new single 'Losing You'

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

It's kind of impossible not to love Solange Knowles.

She's the edgier Beyonce (but still shows total groupie love and support for her big sister), is a blogger's fashion dream and is hella talented. Did you know she co-wrote 'Why Don't You Love Me', arguably one of Beyonce's most complex songs? Because she did. She really, really did.

Right now Solange is putting together her third studio album with the help of Dev Hynes (of Blood Orange and Lightspeed Champion), and Pharrel Williams (!!). The album is set for release in 2013, but for now she's put out a teaser for her upcoming single 'Losing You'.



Holy mackerel! Take a bite out of this tasty treat!

Lucky Prawn is a Melbourne based artist co-op founded by creative wunderkids Laura Clauscen, Fred Mora and Will Rankin, and they want to deliver you special presents right to your door. A subscription based quarterly service, these Prawns have been swimming their little tails off to bring to you a carefully curated selection of innovative and delicious products in one package busting at the seams with goodness, tied up with a bow*.

Preparing morsels from across the Art, Publishing and Design worlds, the contents of the package remain largely a secret until the Lucky Prawn Pack Pick-Up (try saying quickly that after a few too many sakes), which will double as an exhibition of said secret goods, as well as the official collection point. Secrets! Mystery! This is fun!  

I caught up with Laura, Fred and Will at Lucky Prawn HQ, we did a little dance and some magic tricks and I squeezed a few meaty details out of them...

*May not be tied up with a bow. 

Sally Tabart: Hello Prawns!  
Lucky Prawn: Hey Sally! 

ST: What are 6 words or less that explain Lucky Prawn? 
LP: It’s a shrimp’s paradise !! 

ST: Who are three artists I should know about but I probably don’t? 
LP: Kozyndan, Erik van der Weijde and Thomas Jeppe 

ST: If Lucky Prawn were a delicious snack, what would it be?  

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

ST: Do I get Lucky Prawns at other times of the year, or just at Christmas Lunch and fancy dinner dates? 
LP: Lucky Prawns are to be enjoyed all year round Sally! We pick our products fresh and daily at market price, allowing us to stuff more prawn into your pack! 

ST: If we were to go on a date what should I wear?? 
LP: Nada. A naked prawn is a Lucky Prawn. 

ST: If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be? 
LP: We would love to be at the Tokyo Art Book fair this month. Aside from bobbing about zines we would try fit in a visit to art island Naoshima! 

ST: Is it extra lucky if I bite into a Prawn and the shit shoot is still in tact? 
LP: We see it to be very unlucky, that’s why we have worked really hard to make sure all Prawns are 99% shit free! 

ST: Could you please draw what it will feel like to open up the first Prawn Pack?  

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

ST: Will my prawn start to smell if I leave it in the sun? 
LP: Erh.. Only if your prawn already smells. 

ST: What are two good websites for a prawn? 

ST: Do you know what prawn crackers are made of? I don’t!? 
LP: Prawn jackets; washed and tumble dried! 

ST: Could you please explain what your Pack launch party will look like? 

ST: Will you tell me what is in the first Pack if I promise to give you a 10-minute back scratch? (I give really good back scratches). 
LP: Ai Ai captAin… scratch away, but remember, there are three of us. And we want 10 minutes each please : )

Purchase your subscription online now for a measly $75, and be sure to come along to the Lucky Prawn Launch Night next Friday September 28. For more details, email hello@luckyprawn.com, or put a message in a bottle and throw it into the sea. That will also work. 

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
This is a prawn in Vietnamese coleslaw. This was my dinner and is not affiliated with Lucky Prawn, but it was really yummy.  


The Galeries Loves T's


T-shirts. What of 'em? We all own some, we all wear them, so why should we get excited about them? Because when you get a bunch of talented designers, t-shirt enthusiasts and fashions people excited about them and creating a killer event to celebrate the general awesomeness of the humble tee, you don't wanna miss out. And being excited is a nice feeling anyways. 

Sydney's The Galeries shopping arcade, aMBUSH gallery, T-World honcho Eddie Zammit and a handful of world renowned t-shirt designers are gathering tomorrow night to celebrate their love for the short sleeved garment. 

The Galeries have commissioned six artists including Sydney's Natalie Wood (designer behind Sydney label Something Else) to create original designs to be screen-printed live on the night by Los Angeles outfit HIT+RUN. Peeps will get the chance to score a seriously limited edition t-shirt fresh off the screen printer. 

As well as the live shirt making bizz, T-World's Eddie Zammit (who owns over 4,000 t-shirts, obsessed much?) has donated 200 from his collection which have been made into a large-scale globe instillation that'll hang from the ceiling during the evening.

As well as the T-shirt globe installation and the live HIT+RUN event, CBD workers and shoppers can also visit a new Lane4 exhibition called I love T’s, curated by Zammit and aMBUSH Gallery. Appearing straight off the back of the hugely popular Community Service Announcements exhibition by Jeremyville, ‘I love T’s’ at Lane4 will feature a personal portrait and information by ten international T-shirt labels, including Threadless’ Ross Zietz from Chicago and Mishka’s Greg Rivera from New York.

It's gonna be an awesome event and definitely worth checking out if you're keen on design and especially if you have even the slightest t-shirt inclination. 

HIT+RUN screen printing event: Thursday, 20 September 2012 from 6.00 - 9.00pm
Lane4 exhibition: 20 September – 26 November 2012
@The Galeries, 500 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000


The Pullet's Egg x St Helga's Riesling

Pullet's Egg, Smoked Onion, Duck Ham
A Pullet is a chook that is laying eggs before it is 1 year old. The eggs are slightly smaller than a normal egg. They are a seasonal product and we are very lucky to be able to source them. We have this dish on our Tuesday tasting menu while the eggs are available. Not only is the flavour a lot richer than usual but the yolk is a much more vibrant colour.

The dish is served with an onion purée made from sweet white onions and butter that has been smoked over hay. The duck ham is house made and has been hanging for a month. It is smokey, salty and holds its flavour perfectly when partnered with the richness of the egg and sweetness of the onion.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

2005 Steingarten St. Helga Riesling, Barossa Valley, SA
Every now and then the big Aussie wine companies do the right thing. 2005 was an amazing year for most of Australia's wine growing regions and the Barossa Valley was no exception. Pernod Ricard, the company that own the Steingarten brand, have some of the most amazing vineyard sites I have ever scene, and that is where the fruit for this wine is sourced from. Just hitting it's stride at its 7th birthday, this wine delivers a minerality and richness that few can match. We didn't get much, so make sure you try one!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

30 years of Air Force 1

Designed by Bruce Kilgore in 1982 and the first Nike to employ the 'Air' technology, the legendary Air Force 1 is celebrating its 30th birthday this year.

With over 1,500 incarnations in its three decades of existence and an earning power of nearly $800 million USD a year, the AF1 is seriously worthy of a massive cake and lots of huzzahs (Kanye, Nas, Rakim and KRS-One even made a song about them!!).

But, since it's a shoe and shoes don't eat cake and you'd look like a knob if you were huzzahing a piece of footwear, Nike have done something else in its honour - the 1thology interactive experience. 

The 1thology experience showcases pretty much the entire AF1 collection by year, style, color or material. Sneaker freaks get the chance to build a virtual, digital collection of Air Force 1's, while browsing other fellow freakers collections.

Essentially its a total nerd out fest for kicks. That's cool. We spend all day on the internets, we're giant nerds...

get your fix at gonike.me/1thology

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