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Captain Cook

Captain Cook - Lifelounge Eats Duke

65 Flinders St. Darlinghurst Sydney, NSW 2010

Brisket vs Izway Shiraz

POSTED BY Duke ON 30 AUG 2012 @ 02:19 PM

New dish alert - our beef brisket… Brisket is pretty much the breast of the beast, and is considered a secondary cut, which makes it really underrated. All our beef is pasture fed, so the flavour is a way more "real". The kitchen braise it overnight, press it between trays to flatten it out a bit, then brush it with some rendered fat, before crisping it up in the oven. So crispy.

The garlic used in the dish is literally wild, which makes it a lot different from supermarket garlic. The season has just started and the flavour is a lot more expressive and intense. When it is cooked properly, it becomes sweet and tender. Every part of the garlic is used… the shoots, the leaves, the clove and even the skin.

The dish also has a celeriac which is pickled in horseradish vinegar - this gives the finished product plenty of acid to cut through the beef.

The final ingredient is a light roasting juice made from the beef trimmings and garlic oil.

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2010 Izway "Bruce" Shiraz

One of the best back label descriptions in the game - "Bruce is a man of few words…" The style of this wine might not be extremely relevant, but there is no denying blockbuster Barossa Valley Shiraz. It's the style the Australian industry was built on. Fortunately, as immense as this wine is, it still has plenty of character and even some delicate features. We love it. As always, a style of wine like this will sit better with bigger, richer dishes, like our new beef brisket! Thanks for coming.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


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