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Eric Heiman ReBrands USA

09 NOV 2012 | Posted By: sallytabart

Eric Heiman ReBrands USA

Jeremy Mende
Jeremy Mende
Jeremy Mende
Volume Inc
Volume Inc
Volume Inc
We’re still riding the election high over here (there's no such thing as enough smug Obama memes), and to aid our come down we are totally into Eric Heiman’s project, (Re)Brand USA.

In the four weeks leading up to the Presidential election Heiman, principal of Volume Inc./general kewl guy about town, commissioned four teams to take on the totally not a big deal task of rebranding the USA*.

Jeremy Mende made some funny tweaks to famous monuments, MGMT. Design decided the existing American flag design was kind of 'meh' and offered some alternatives, Playlab, Inc. did a video about why the USA don’t need no rebranding (kind of lame/cop out/is that really your office voice over guy?) and LucienneRoberts+ got all sentimental about the fact that U+S= us.

Check the gallery for the goods, plus some of what Heiman does at his day job with Volume Inc. 

More at sfmoma.org.

*note: is a big deal.
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